Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Saem Marseille Olive Waterproof Lip & Eye remover

Hello dear readers!

Weather is getting cold, get some extra clothes! Today I have a new review for you. It might be interesting for people with sensitive and dry skin.


Some of you maybe already heard of my skin condition. I have an extremely sensitive, easily red and red skin. This is one of the reasons why brands of my reviews are pretty same. I had many testers from many brands and some made more damage to my skin. have kind of allergy reaction to everything :D

Saturday, October 14, 2017

ETUDE HOUSE: Play 101 Stick Selfie Kit Review

Hi, girls!

How are you doing? I am super busy recently and as I can see I've got also blogging delay. I was an ambassador in the beauty festival! I even had a 1 second of fame. I was on the TV. But my schedule is extremely full, because of all my activities. I don't have time at all for anything, only my Instagram has a few new photos. I hope you didn't forget about my blog yet!


Do you know that feeling? When you see something super cute and you are like: "TAKE MY MONEY!" Sometimes I think, I started blogging just because I needed an excuse for buying a lot of cosmetics for "reviews". And that time came, again. Here it is. Selfie kit from Etude House. :'D

It was launched in September 2017, Play 101 Sticks are old products, but give it a little redesign, some stickers and voila, new perfect sparkling product in size of testers arrived. 

This item should be everything you need for a perfect selfie... or not? 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

ETUDE HOUSE: 1 SHADOW Winning Tutorial!

Hello, everyone!

First, I am sorry for the 5th post in a row about EH already. But I just won in Etude House Pick event. Now I regret that I should put more effort in this tutorial... But I decided to share it with you anyway as my tutorial was only in Korean. ^^

Thursday, September 14, 2017

ETUDE HOUSE: Fix and Fix Fixer Mist Review

Dear my readers,

I am very sorry, as this is my 4th review of Etude products in last 30 days. Why you ask? Because I accidentally spend about 50.000 Korean won in Etude House. Yes, accidents like this happen sometimes. I thought they have an event but, in the end, there was no event so shop assistants felt my pain and I asked them about 5 more times if it's truth or not. (They were not joking). But they gave me many samples in return to reduce my pain. :D

But there was very talkative makeup artist who made my basket full, including with Fix and Fix Fixer Mist! 


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