Thursday, February 26, 2015


Hello everybody,

this is my first post as a beauty blogger, I am so nervous knowing real people can read it. I really got a courage to start blogging! I can't believe it! :D I wanted to start about a year ago. However, I still wasn't sure and I am still not 1 0 0 percent sure. But I would like to share my experience with beauty products. I saw many bloggers blogging about Korean cosmetics and I was seeing them as celebrities. They were inspiring people, they had beautiful photos, cool reviews, and wonderful tutorials. And mostly, they connected to the people tough writing.

Currently, I am University student, very busy one. I can't promise you post every week, I just can't merge school and blogging. Also, I am staying in the dormitory so I can't take photos of cosmetics when I want when most of my cosmetics kingdom is at home. For example, I don't really have a time to use makeup for morning classes, it's mission impossible for me, so makeup stays at home :D 

But this blog has still a meaning, I am interested in making girls prettier by blogging and helping them with my reviews ~ Also, I love writing in English, but I am not the best. I am trying to improve every day, I am trying to study, so I can write grammary correct posts.  Please forgive me my mistakes. Because I am not a native speaker, I am doing my best. 

I love Korean cosmetics so this blog will be obviously about using the cosmetics! I hope you will enjoy my blog. I want to make it a lovely place, where people can meet to discuss Korean cosmetics. I want to make many reviews, tutorials and more! I am addicted to pink, so please excuse my pink waterfall everywhere. Also, you can notice (in the future) amount of Etude House products. Yes, this is my biggest weakness. I have so many products even now. I can't help it. Pretty cosmetics, that's what Korean cosmetics can offer. Beautiful packaging ♥ cute design in shapes of casual items. Who wouldn't fall in love?
I also love traveling, I would love to post some trips around the world. I would love to visit Korea, Japan, China and make many posts about it. There are so many things to do! How can I do all? Oh my god, I think I would need like hundreds of part-time jobs. I wish I had a better camera so I could take beautiful photos. I am still using my old mobile phone and my old camera. It looks very small, dark and blurry. I wish, one day I will become professional and famous! We will see.

Please enjoy my posts and take care of me! Have a great day and I hope you could visit me soon!!!

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Nana ^^

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