Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New! More sexy half-ombre lips tutorial

Welcome back my readers!

As you requested, I am adding new tutorial, again with my favorite lipstick, from ETUDE HOUSE and this time, with more sexy and futuristic look! ^////^

But you already added ombre tutorial with this same lipstick!

You are definitely right. But this time, your lips will look completely different.

-your upper lip will be full, so it will look more sexy!
-your lower lip will be ombre, it will be huge contrast
-it's not casual, looking more futuristic!
-now, you don't have to be limited only to one color! You can combine it and make upper lip darker <3

So, here it is and I hope you will like it!

Comment me, how was your experience!

Only Ombre lips tutorial HERE

Thank you for reading and have a nice day~~


Any comment is appreciated! ^^
어떤 답변이라도 감사합니다! ^^


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