Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shiseido Perfect Whip Washing Cleansing Foam 120g review

Hello everybody!

Nana is back at her blog. Today I will introduce to you my Cleansing Foam. During some period in my life, I used normal soap for my face. But it was a very bad choice. I wanted to clean my face from all the make up things, but nothing was helping.

You were guessing right, it has to do something with my boyfriend, again. Yes, I was not really caring for myself so much. And then I met a perfect human being, with perfect skin. I don't think he will read this, so I can tell you, that my room-mates are calling him "living doll". (Sorry Honey ^^;)

Point is, that when I was at his place, he gave me to try Shiseido Perfect Whip Washing Cleansing Foam. I loved coming at his place, because of him - of course, but also because of his Cleansing Foam. I felt like a living doll as well!

So this is how it looks like. Typical blue color is also for other products from Shiseido, but I have only foam. Maybe other next time? :D

In the back, you can see a picture. It says, that Perfect Whip contains 

How to use?

After removing your make up, (for me after brushing my teeth) I highly recommend to wet your face. That's why, I use this product always after brushing my teeth. I don't have to wet my face again. But it's only opinion, because it's my daily routine.
Apply a little bit on your hands and then massage foam into your face. You can rub it, massage it, anything you like. After applying, you can wash it off. Your skin will feel great! But don't forget to hydrate your face!


Product can effectively remove any make up, or BB/CC cream from your pores. Pores will also stay prominently clean. Your whole face will feel very clean. You can use it 2-3 times per a day without any problems. But you can't forget to hydrate your face. This is very important. This product is an effective cleansing soap, not a moisturizer.

Design of the product: 4/5 (not bad, but I wanted to keep the paper on the top, because it looks good, but it fell off, always)

Promised effect: 5/5 (it's doing it's job very well!)
Price: 5/5 (you can find this product very cheap everywhere, I've got it for about 8 dollars)
Buying again?: 5/5 It's my 3rd bottle :D

See you next time! 


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