Friday, February 27, 2015

What "ddalgi" (딸기) actually mean?

Hello, my dear ddalgies!

I am back again with a new post here. It will be similar to my historically first post, but this is more like explanation post. This time it will be a background story about my blog name. My blog name is: Ddalgi Nana Beauty, often written all together like d d a l g i n a n a b e a u t y. If you were reading my historically first blog post, you know that I wanted to make a blog for a long time, but then the dilemma came. What about the name? This was a very difficult question. At least for me. Get ready! This will be a storytime. :)

But from a very young age, I had a nickname "Nana". So I started to think about adding Nana there. But only Nana wasn't enough. Simply it's just so short and there are hundreds of nanas over the internet. I am a famous for loving Strawberry Pepero. I don't know if you know it. In Korean, it's called Ddalgi Pepero and in English, it can be described as strawberry sticks. It's very sweet, yummy and pink!

So "d d a l g i" is from Korean and it means strawberry. It's quite a funny word because it has a special pronunciation and nobody understood me when I was talking about d d a l g i e s. The double D should be hard pronunciation. I thought that it should be like d a l j i. But second part should be like G in the word guitar.   Actually, my boyfriend learned me that word, I didn't know it before and he felt depressed when I was saying that word. 

This word is cute in many languages, I know it in a few languages as well. Soon strawberries will come to our shops with spring and summer and we will be able to enjoy them once again! I can't wait for it. I love strawberries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner too! Yes, doesn't matter when. What about you? :)

So I had 2 words by now. But "ddalgi nana" was still so short. It wasn't really describing my blog. So last word "beauty" was added. This blog will be mainly about the cosmetics, so I think it was a proper name. I hope it will be good in the future and I hope people can remeber it well. :D

Some extra: My specialty is this recipe, quite easy one. You will need only Nutella and Strawberries!!! So yummy combination~~~

Please enjoy my posts and take care of me! Have a great day and I hope you could visit me soon!!!

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