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Saturday, April 25, 2015

ETUDE HOUSE Fantastic Color Eyes - Bohemian Soul Review

Hello everybody~

today, I will introduce you last piece of my ETUDE limited edition eye shadows! My collection became full only recently. I seriously started to like 2014 FALL collection (Bohemian Soul), too late. My style changed and after I bought 2 new limited edition pieces, I felt pity as well. TTvTT;; Why didn't I buy it?!

My good friend told me, that he is going to Korea, to a business trip, and he asked me, if there is something what I would like to get from Korea, that he would like to get me some cosmetics. I politely refused and told him that I am looking for a last piece to my limited edition eye shadows (I was having depression on online stores :D).

He did a small research with me (he in Korean and I was looking for it in English), but he could find only used Bohemian Soul eye shadows in Korea. But THEN, I found it in online store! And it was not sold out yet! Yay!

I paid seriously more than I expected, but I could sleep peacefully, with a nice feeling on my heart~

How does it look like?

I like paper cover a lot! Looks a little bit funky, but it will definitely get right into your heart!

Can you see, something like gold there? Recently, I love any gold anywhere. Is it normal? Because it is like a half year. I have been to an Art exhibition and artist used gold in his abstract painting. I loved it! 

Plastic cover is similar to Bloody Halloween, but more playfull.

About the colors!
Colors really reminds me paper cover. Bright, colorful and glittering! I really don't understand, why didn't I want to get this for my birthday? Anyway, let's start! 

Folk Song - first is light brown reminding orange. Looks very lovely for natural look! ^^
Apricot Jam - this one is like a balm! Nice to use it for lips and cheeks. But it's nice on your eyes as well.

Ethnic Coral - it's very interesting, how different this obviously PINK one looked like ORANGE in the official preview! :D

Gypsy Queen - Glitter and more glitters! Glitter everywhere. It looks very bright and white, but it's photo under the sun. It's more like brownish.

Wanderlust - similar to Folk song, but with more glitters. Very nice ;)

Freedom - very nice brown, more dark. 

Here is final test of all the colors. What do you think of Ethnic Coral? Is it more like pink or orange? Tell me your opinion, in the comments. :D

Official ETUDE HOUSE preview:


Design of the product: 5/5 (Very nice!)
Promised effect: 5/5 (Good, long lasting eye shadows.)
Price: 4/5 (I paid almost double price TT^TT, because it's sold out in 90% online shops)
Buying again? Limited edition... ^^;;

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! :)))

Saturday, April 18, 2015

ETUDE HOUSE Fantastic Color Eyes - Rose Garden Review

Nice to see you, again! ^^

I've received my new Limited Edition eye shadows and I very satisfied! Yay! As I mentioned before, I didn't really wanted to buy Rose Garden, but Cherry Blossom. One week later, I was confused, because I realized, that I love them both. So I ordered also Rose Garden.

How does it look like?

Very sweet design, similar to Cherry Blossom. But, I am worried, because it's white. With my previous experience, I can say, that white cosmetics will never stay white for too long time. lol

About the colors:
When I used them, I was surprised a lot, because of colors appeared much more better in reality than in the picture. 

Juliette - looks like my skin :D

Honey Bouquet - very thick glittering texture. Great for highlighting. Reminds me honey.

Antique Touch - darkest one!

Handtied - color between red and pink, very bright. Reminds me rose color.

Vintage rose - yes! Vintage, a lot.

My girl - I was surprised by this one, when I tried it, I fell in love. Color is so rich and very nice! You have to try this one! 

Official Etude House preview:


Design of the product: 5/5 (I don't like that it's white, but cover is good and protects eye shadows well, that's why 5/5)
Promised effect: 5/5 ( nicer colors than Cherry Blossom, in my opinion)
Price: 5/5 (around 15 dollars on Ebay, in Etude House stores - sold out)
Buying again? Reminding you, last time, hurry up, because it's Limited edition! ^^

Have a nice day and you can follow me, to have fresh reviews! ;)

Friday, April 10, 2015

ETUDE HOUSE Fantastic Color Eyes - Cherry Blossom Review

Hello everybody,

I am back, with a new review of my fresh goods. Yay! I was so excited when I went to the post office, today. I was drooling over tracking it for over 2 weeks because of Easter Eve. -_-;;; Such an evil Easter.

So what am I going to review? My new LIMITED eyeshadows.

How does it look like?


I really like covers! Both are really cute and colorful, pure spring. And the design is similar to previously limited edition eyeshadows in shape and material. I love baby blue used on a paper cover. Also flowers there are kind of reminding me its color palette.

About the colors:

As you might know from the name, this is cherry themed. Colors look very fresh, if you compare them with Rose Garden. Let's look at them! 

Cherry Coke - when I was deciding, which eyeshadow to buy, Cherry Coke was the main reason. I need dark tone to make contrast the most.

Cherry March - second reason why did I buy it. I seriously love this color. Buy my boyfriend thinks that something happened to my eyes when I use it. He doesn't understand. -_-;;

Baby Peony - reminds me cherry flower, why? What do you think? But it's nice to use it with Cherry March

Hello Spring - if you want to buy these eyeshadows only because of this, buy it twice. This contains different texture, a special one, which will be spent QUICKLY. But it's thick.
Floral Walk - this one is more like pinky brown, or can I say copper brown?

Warm Morning - last is brown again, but this one is very light. I can't wait to use it for kind of smoky spring eyes!

This color palette is all you need for spring! Unique colors will give you warmth and you can blink your eyes like a queen! Many shades here are very rare I would say. It's not high-quality eyeshadows, sparkles will get under your eyes. But I still like it. I don't know why. It's just too pretty. Be sure to wear makeup fixer. I will save you a lot of time checking your eyes if something went wrong.

You can create many types of looks with this palette. From wood tones into the rich pink look. For some reason, I see Geisha palette in this. Am I too crazy? :D

Official Etude House preview

Design of the product: 5/5 (I like it more than Bloody Halloween)
Promised effect: 5/5 (colors are like described and I love Cherry March!)
Price: 5/5 (price in Korea is around 14.000 won, outside of Korea it's for about 17.00 dollars)
Buying again?: maybe, if it would be possible because it's limited edition. ;)

Hurry to buy and have a nice weekend! Tutorial soon! ^^

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

ETUDE HOUSE Fantastic Color Eyes - Bloody Halloween - Eye shadows Tutorial

Hello everybody!

How are you doing? I am bringing you another tutorial with ETUDE HOUSE Eyeshadows. I am sorry for the low quality of the images. I don't really have a good camera yet. :( But I want to keep blogging! This is why I am posting this tutorial. Isn't this season wonderful! Play some H A L L O W E E N music and read my tutorial! :))

H A L L O W E E N - what a beautiful word. Don't you agree? During Autumn I think only about that magical word. It's scary, dark and cool, no? I think it is! This is why I prepared this tutorial. Etude House's palette is so inspiring. And shades are so catchy. Which, ghost or vampire? For me Vampire!! I am so into vampires so this tutorial will be everyday vampire tutorial or something similar!

Autumn is simply calling for dark and evil looks! Because nature looks so scary too. Trees don't have leaves, the grass is grey instead of green and I am black like a vampire. hahaha No, I am seriously serious :D I can rename Autumn into H A L L O W E E N. It's a pure love! And why not! All the brands are posting lovely dark posters. Or cute Kpop stars in cute witch outfits!

You will need:

-ETUDE HOUSE  Bloody Halloween Eyeshadows ( I really do recommend to use it for my tutorial!)
-BB cream (for perfect face)
-another lip gloss, bright color

Don't forget, colors are ordered as it follows:

A- Pale
B- Zombie Kiss
C- Witch Hunting
D- Funky Horror
E- Bloody Burgundy
F- Halloween Night

Let's start!

Slovak Translation:


1. Začnite s očnou linkou. Kľudne môžete použiťlinku, ktorá Vám najviac pristane.
2. Môj najobľbenejší krok je pridanie farbu B pod vaše oči. Príde mi to umelecké a Vaše oči dostanú "život".
3. V tomto kroku spravíme oči väčšie. Farbu A nanesieme pod vaše oko (na opačnú stranu ako farbu B) aby sme si spravili vačky. Môžete použiť farbu C na podtrhnutie vačkov. Nezabudnite na farbu F.
4. V poslednom kroku nanesieme už len maskaru.

In the end, some photos, how it looks in final:

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I really hope you like it! Let's keep in touch. Don't mind following me. Have a nice day. See you next time! ;) 

Friday, April 3, 2015

ETUDE HOUSE Fantastic Color Eyes - Bloody Halloween Review

Hello everybody!

I am back again! ^^ This time, I will give you review about my precious eyeshadows. Why so precious? It looks normal, but it was a gift for my 22nd Birthday! Yay!

How does it look like? 

I am confused a little bit with a paper cover. I am not really sure if it's cool, but I like plastic cover a lot! ^^
There is an empty space in the middle. I like it as well. 

Where can I get it?

I am sorry to tell you, but these eyeshadows were part of Limited Edition: Bloody Halloween and Bohemian Soul. They were aired around autumn 2014.  

I have Bloody Halloween and currently, it's sold out. I remember, how my boyfriend was in 3 Etude House stores in Seoul, but in the end, he had to buy it online. He is so sweet! ^^ 
But the good news is, that New Limited Editions were aired! Yay! I ordered them and I will give you new review as soon as it will arrive. The bad news is, that it's already sold out on Global Etude site, so I am recommending to try eBay, where you can find last pieces, so hurry up, until it will be gone! ^^ 

About the  cover

I love it's plastic cover as you can see. It's purple, simple and chic! This cover is protecting your eyeshadows perfectly I have to admit, that I accidentally dropped it a few times, but, thank god, nothing happened!
(Anyway, I broke many eyeshadows like that, but this one is good quality!)   

About the colors

Colors look pretty good and they have nice names as well. Some are very funny. And they are strong. 

Pale - I like this one for high lights. My hand is already pale, so you can't really see. Sorry.

Zombie Kiss - This one is not made of dust but it's more like a balm, possible to use for eyes and also lips! ;)

Which Hunting - Pinkish for a secondary color or for cheeks.

Funky Horror - It's not a really like a real purple, it's very soft. (+glitter)

Bloody Burgundy - This one reminds me some old vintage rose pink! (+glitter)

Halloween Night - great for the base! This is not black, not grey and not brown. I am using this one the most with Pale - great combination!!! (+glitter)

I have also some official Etude House picture, how can you use colors. Enjoy it!

Here I have some official picture from ETUDE HOUSE. In this picture I really loved Funky Horror, but in the reality this color is not suiting me. But Zombie Kiss looks perfect all the time! 

Design of the product: 5/5 (hard to break, nice colors, I like it!)
Promised effect: 5/5 (effect is good and colors are not transparent)
Price: 5/5 (price is around 14.000 won in Korea but online it's around 15 dollars) 
Buying again? : skipped, this is limited edition.

I hope you liked this post, I will show you some tutorials with eye shadows soon! ;) Have a nice day!

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