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ETUDE HOUSE Fantastic Color Eyes - Bloody Halloween - Eye shadows Tutorial

Hello everybody!
How are you doing? I am bringing you another tutorial with ETUDE HOUSE Eyeshadows. I am sorry for the low quality of the images. I don't really have a good camera yet. :( But I want to keep blogging! This is why I am posting this tutorial. Isn't this season wonderful! Play some H A L L O W E E N music and read my tutorial! :))

H A L L O W E E N - what a beautiful word. Don't you agree? During Autumn I think only about that magical word. It's scary, dark and cool, no? I think it is! This is why I prepared this tutorial. Etude House's palette is so inspiring. And shades are so catchy. Witch, ghost or vampire? Which one? For me Vampire!! I am so into vampires so this tutorial will be everyday vampire tutorial or something similar! Yes, It will be more like secret Vampire hidden in the everyday society. You guess right, I love Vampire movies. :D

Autumn is simply calling for dark and evil looks! Because nature during autumn looks so scary too. Trees don't have leaves, the grass is grey instead of green and you are scared to walk at home alone during the night. And I am black like a vampire. hahaha No, I am seriously serious :D I can rename Autumn into H A L L O W E E N. It's a pure love! And why not! All the brands are posting lovely dark posters. Or cute Kpop stars in cute witch outfits!

You will need:

-ETUDE HOUSE  Bloody Halloween Eyeshadows ( I really do recommend to use it for my tutorial!)
-BB cream (for perfect face)
-another lip gloss, bright color

Don't forget, colors are ordered as it follows:

A- Pale
B- Zombie Kiss
C- Witch Hunting
D- Funky Horror
E- Bloody Burgundy
F- Halloween Night

Let's start!

Slovak Translation:


1. Začnite s očnou linkou. Kľudne môžete použiťlinku, ktorá Vám najviac pristane.
2. Môj najobľbenejší krok je pridanie farbu B pod vaše oči. Príde mi to umelecké a Vaše oči dostanú "život".
3. V tomto kroku spravíme oči väčšie. Farbu A nanesieme pod vaše oko (na opačnú stranu ako farbu B) aby sme si spravili vačky. Môžete použiť farbu C na podtrhnutie vačkov. Nezabudnite na farbu F.
4. V poslednom kroku nanesieme už len maskaru.

In the end, some photos, how it looks in final:

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Your Nana ;)

Happy Halloween ♥


  1. Great tutorial! :) I wish I was able to do something like this. But I'm very clumsy about make-up. What a shame. Haha :)

    1. Thank you so much! Don't worry, just a little bit more practice and you will get used to it. I wish you a wonderful day ;)

  2. Nana, what an amazing style you have! Thank you for your advice in make-up tutorial. You look so wanderful, and I hope that your tricks will suit to me, at least as you!

    1. Martina, oh thank you dear! I hope, it will suit you well. Have a nice day~~ :)))


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