Saturday, April 18, 2015

ETUDE HOUSE Fantastic Color Eyes - Rose Garden Review

Nice to see you, again! ^^

I've received my new Limited Edition eye shadows and I very satisfied! Yay! As I mentioned before, I didn't really wanted to buy Rose Garden, but Cherry Blossom. One week later, I was confused, because I realized, that I love them both. So I ordered also Rose Garden.

How does it look like?

Very sweet design, similar to Cherry Blossom. But, I am worried, because it's white. With my previous experience, I can say, that white cosmetics will never stay white for too long time. lol

About the colors:
When I used them, I was surprised a lot, because of colors appeared much more better in reality than in the picture. 

Juliette - looks like my skin :D

Honey Bouquet - very thick glittering texture. Great for highlighting. Reminds me honey.

Antique Touch - darkest one!

Handtied - color between red and pink, very bright. Reminds me rose color.

Vintage rose - yes! Vintage, a lot.

My girl - I was surprised by this one, when I tried it, I fell in love. Color is so rich and very nice! You have to try this one! 

Official Etude House preview:


Design of the product: 5/5 (I don't like that it's white, but cover is good and protects eye shadows well, that's why 5/5)
Promised effect: 5/5 ( nicer colors than Cherry Blossom, in my opinion)
Price: 5/5 (around 15 dollars on Ebay, in Etude House stores - sold out)
Buying again? Reminding you, last time, hurry up, because it's Limited edition! ^^

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  1. I love the colours of the Antique touch and Honey bouquet :)

    1. They both look awesome in use! I will post tutorial soon. Thank you and have a wonderful day! :))


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