Saturday, April 25, 2015

ETUDE HOUSE Fantastic Color Eyes - Bohemian Soul Review

Hello everybody~

today, I will introduce you lastest piece of my ETUDE limited edition eyeshadows! My collection became full only recently. I seriously started to like 2014 FALL collection (Bohemian Soul), too late. My style changed and after I bought 2 new limited edition pieces, I felt pity as well. TTvTT;; Why didn't I buy it?!

My good friend told me, that he is going to Korea, to a business trip, and he asked me if there is something that I would like to get from Korea, that he would like to get me some cosmetics. I politely refused and told him that I am looking for a last piece to my limited edition eyeshadows (I was having depression on online stores :D).

He did a small research with me (he in Korean and I was looking for it in English), but he could find only used Bohemian Soul eyeshadows in Korea. But THEN, I found it in the online store! And it was not sold out yet! Yay!

I paid seriously more than I expected, but I could sleep peacefully, with a nice feeling in my heart~

How does it look like?

I like paper cover a lot! Looks a little bit funky, but it will definitely get right into your heart!

Can you see, something like gold there? Recently, I love any gold anywhere. Is it normal? Because it is like a half year. I have been to an Art exhibition and artist used gold in his abstract painting. I loved it! 

Plastic cover is similar to Bloody Halloween, but more playfull.

About the colors!
Colors really reminds me paper cover. Bright, colorful and glittering! I really don't understand, why didn't I want to get this for my birthday? Anyway, let's start! 

Folk Song - first is light brown reminding orange. Looks very lovely for natural look! ^^
Apricot Jam - this one is like a balm! Nice to use it for lips and cheeks. But it's nice on your eyes as well.

Ethnic Coral - it's very interesting, how different this obviously PINK one looked like ORANGE in the official preview! :D

Gypsy Queen - Glitter and more glitters! Glitter everywhere. It looks very bright and white, but it's photo under the sun. It's more like brownish.

Wanderlust - similar to Folk song, but with more glitters. Very nice ;)

Freedom - very nice brown, darker than other shades.

Here is final test of all the colors. What do you think of Ethnic Coral? Is it more like pink or orange? Tell me your opinion, in the comments. :D

Official ETUDE HOUSE preview:


Design of the product: 5/5 (Very nice!)
Promised effect: 5/5 (Good, long-lasting eye shadows.)
Price: 4/5 (I paid almost double price TT^TT because it's sold out in 90% online shops)
Buying again? Limited edition... ^^;;

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! :)))

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  1. neviem kto si a ako som sa sem dostal, ale ako som si to tu cital, tak mi prislo strasne mile ako ta bavi o tomto pisat :) aj ked obcas s chybami, asi preto je to take mile :P

    1. Tak mi tie chyby môžeš opravovať! :)))))

    2. Bez tych par chyb to uz nebude mat taky sveng ako ma :P :D ale ked chces mozem :)


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