Saturday, May 16, 2015

ETUDE HOUSE - Give me Chocolate Cherry Truffle Eye shadows review

Welcome back!

Today I will tell you a tale of my late Valentine's day chocolate. Everything started a few weeks ago when I fell in love with Valentine's day design of Etude House eyeshadows. It looked awesome!!! So I decided, that I need to have it. It was a few months later after Valentine's day finished, but who cares. Right?

Ebay rocks, super fast shipping, only 11 days, including weekends. My name is super famous in the post office as well. Nice post office lady told me, that I can pick up immediately my new goods. (VIP customer me he he)

How does it look like?

The design is perfect, lovely and cute! Great event for Valentine's day. Other two kids of "chocolates" were available, but I was not impressed. Cherry Truffle looked the best of them, not too dark, not too light, perfect middle contrast. And it was pink! :D

BUT unexpected surprise appeared when I opened the product. You couldn't find where the size was described. The package is having usual Etude House eyeshadows size, but eyeshadows were looking super too tiny after opening. 

★ Eye shadows themselves have nice kind of sweet cocoa smell!
★ It's seriously tiny. 
H 6,3 cm x W 4,0 cm

★ Brush is not included!!!
★ Inside, in the back of red cover are reasons why you should be given chocolate. Sorry, I don't have photo.

Also in the back of red cover were included reasons like:
give me chocolate because
- I have sweet tooth
- I'm falling in love

- It makes me happy
- I'm addicted to chocolate
- You like me

- I am chocoholic
- and more...

About the colors!

Only 2 colors this time.
I don't think, names were included. But Etude called them like:

Dark cherry color and Warm pink tone without pearl.

Not so creative names, I think. But colors look nice. ^^

My testing was good. Colors look almost the same like official preview! Smooth and nice smelling. I kind of feel bad, that I will destroy such a nice design. 

Official ETUDE HOUSE preview:

Design: 2,5/5 (I was surprised by many beautiful and creative things, but the fact, the brush is not included and size was confusing were not nice. Smell is beautiful, indeed. But using finger to apply, it's not so super and when I'll travel, it's not hygienic as well to have brush wandering around. -_-;; )

Promised effect: 5/5 (just like described)

Price: 4/5 (size vs price! Price was around 11 dollars everywhere)

Buying again? Limited edition for Valentine's day. ^^

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I hope you enjoyed my review! I wish you a wonderful day.  See you next time!

Your Nana 

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