Saturday, May 9, 2015

ETUDE HOUSE Princess make up table review

Hello everyone!

Today I will show you my experience with ETUDE HOUSE Princess make up table. 

"Wanna be dark and evil?
Get this make up table!" 

For about 2 years, I was collecting all my cosmetics in one of my drawer, but it was getting too small for my whole collection recently. That's why I was wondering, what should I do. I am sharing room with my sister and my cat. 3 girls in ONE room. We are getting out of space and my continuous shopping was not helping our situation! ^^;;;

Recently I heard a rumors about Etude and make up table. At first it was quite expensive, but later, Ebay offered quite nice offers. So I decided to buy it. It was not so bad price for more space!

Unpacking and building~

This was easy! ^^


You can rotate your make up table 360°!

H 26 cm x W 23 cm.

It's made of plastics.

You will feel like a princess.

Your sister will be jealous. (joking, get her one too)

You don't have to glue it! Glue is part of packing. ^^

Design of the product 4/5 (very cute, but sometimes, I am worried, that it would collapse and I am thinking about gluing it all!)
Price of the product: 5/5 (I had a discount! mehehehehe)
Buying again?: 5/5 If I lost it, I would. :)

I hope you enjoyed my review! I hope, I will see you soon! Feel free to comment! ^^


  1. It's cute, but I don't like the fact that it's all made of plastic. I'd rather buy something made of wood :)

    1. I completely agree. I would love it! But wooden make up table would be much more expensive -_-;; Thank you very much for commenting. Have a nice day ^^


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