Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ETUDE HOUSE - Dreaming Swan Eye & Cheek review update

Welcome back, my dear readers!
... or should I be welcomed back? I am sorry for my absence, but unfortunately, I have got sick. -__-; My Eye & Cheek beauties came a few weeks ago, but I did not feel well. I hope, you will accept my apology, because I almost completed my Dreaming Swan Eye & Cheek collection! 

Today, I am bringing you, I think final update. Because I simply do not like number #3 Arabesque Rosy(3호 아라베스크 로지). Why? Because in Korea, they are not fans of "too red" cheeks.

People on the streets might think, you are drunk when you use too red blusher. Seriously. I am not joking. It happened to me. =_=;;;

What is it?

- Dreaming Swan Collection by 'Etude House X Kerrie Hess'
- Eyeshadow/Blusher with silky primer powder covering tiny pore softly to make smoothly blurred cheeks and clear fresh eyes makeup

How does it look like?

(1호 주떼 핑크 ) 1st Jeté Pink

Jeté Pink is a soft pink color, and it is very similar to number 2, Point Coral. Very nice and glowing on cheeks. It appears nice on the photos.

(2호 포인 코랄) 2nd Point Coral

Point Coral appears as a soft orange/pink color. Looks very nice on cheeks. And it makes glowing effect. Similar to number 1. 

(4호 르블레 퍼플 ) 4th Relevé Purple

First sight love. I can not explain why, but I like wearing purple cheeks. I like pureness effect which it is making.

(5호 앙오 핑크 ) 5th En Haut Pink

Color is dark pink. This one might not appear strong, but if you own pale skin, I recommend to use only soft layers.


As you can see, 5th En Haut Pink and 4th Relevé Purple colors are richly pigmented. Personally, I think, that 1st Jeté Pink and 2nd Point Coral colors make more like glowing effect or they could be also used as highlighters.

All are beautiful and appears nice on cheeks.

Official Etude Preview:
As you can see, new puff was included.

Possible problems:

Item is packed in metal cover with the paper sticker on the top. I would be careful with a top with water around. Also, it needs only a few openings to scratch down the painting from the metallic surface.

Design: 4/5 Cute but not handy. Also, some problems happened with metallic cover. It is not the best choice.

Promised effect: 5/5 Lovely on cheeks!
Price: 4.5/5 Price is around 13 dollars.

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