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ETUDE HOUSE - Dreaming Swan Value Kit Review

Hello everybody! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

I feel so tired, I am so busy with university exams. I wanted to write this review like one month ago, but I was full time working on rest of my homeworks and exams. Well, I just finished some paintings and I can't paint anymore! So I am here~~~ ^__^

Let's start review!

How does it look like?

Super cute and super perfect! When I heard news about fresh LIMITED collection published, I was so exited! This time, ETUDE was co-working with  Kerrie Hess and she designed whole collection.

As you can see, this Dreaming Swan Value Kit contains 3 things:

1. Dreaming Swan Pouch
2. Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek
Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk

1. Dreaming Swan Pouch

Pouch was beautiful, but size is super tiny. I wanted to use it for all my cosmetics. But, it's really pretty! So I don't mind. ^^

Inside is a flower pattern. And you can input there "second floor". But it doesn't fit well, and its size is already small...

I like it's top! 3D skirts is so lovely and adorable!

2. Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek #2 Pointe CoralThis is blusher and also eye shadow. I didn't use any blusher until now, because my cheeks are naturally all the time RED. But after seeing this, I fell in love! Color is more like orange or peach. And my cheeks are shinning like a princess's cheeks.
Can you see 3D puff? It's super cute and soft. ^^
PS: size BIG!

Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk

#2 OR225
The biggest disappointment comes last. I loved this color! I love all lipsticks, but this one is pure LIPS DRYER. Color is nice, but after apply, it doesn't look so nice on my lips. I heard some rumors, that I am not the only one. -_-;;


Official Etude Preview:


Summary of 1. Dreaming Swan Pouch:
Design: 5/5 (I love design!!!)
Promised effect: 3/5 (small, you can put there 2-3 Eye and Cheek OR 2-3 lipsticks)
Price: 5/5 (price is up to 10 dollars)

Summary of 2. Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek 
#2 Pointe Coral
Design: 4/5 (perfect, but maybe I mind the size, hard to travel with)
Promised effect: 5/5 (princess cheeks!)
Price: 5/5 (price is up to 13 dollars, fair price for 3D puff, blusher and eye shadow)

Summary of 3. Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk
#2 OR225:
Design: 4/5 (cute, but not so handy)
Promised effect: 2/5 (color is beautiful, but I could give a nickname to this lipstick:LIPS DRYER )
Price: 5/5 (price is about 8 dollars)

I hope you enjoyed this review. See you next time! ^^

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