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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Funny Summer Party Glitter Gradation Nails Tutorial D.I.Y.

Hello guys!

Firstly, please excuse my video editing skills. I just realized that my skills are quite limited. lol

Note: Video will be updated later, thanks for understanding, still crying over editing, let's not wait a few weeks and let's read picture tutorial ;)

How it will look like?

I decided to refresh my nails with something not traditional this time! I have a plenty of nail polishes (including my family members) and I felt sorry for not using them.

What do we need?

BASE- choose any color you like! I used LOREAL PARIS Color Riche 
#858 Ocean Porcelaine

GLITTER- KOTON Party Glitters 
Note: KOTON is Turkish clothes brand, I definitely love it, but it's only available in Arabian countries and Europe, sorry.

#250, you can buy it online! It's including dot glitters and lines.

TRANSPARENT- ESSENCE Quick Dry topcoat. And yes, I recommend to use transparent nail polish to fix and protect the colors. But I am not satisfied with this one, by the way.

Let's start!


*in total you will have 5 layers of nail polish, please wait enough time before applying new layer!
*you should test final result on some piece of plastic material first.
*you will need enough time for this, don't make anybody wait for you! (own experience :D )

Show me your results girls! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! :D
Have a nice day and don't mind to comment! ;)

See you next time! and have a nice day~

Monday, August 24, 2015

Etude House - Play Pencil Review and Tutorial

Hello guys!

Thank you very much for 10.000 visitors! Today I am bringing you a review on Play Pencils from Etude House + video make up haul!
(。◕ ∀ ◕。)

Play Pencil... wait, what?

Play pencils are for creative make up artists like a gold! You can use your creativity as much as possible. Eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyebrows colors, blushers, concealers, you don't need it when you have play pencils~ 

Play Pencil Make Up Haul:

What does it contains?
One pencil contains wax-kind of 
graphite inside of plastic tube and sharpener. (Sharpener is located on the bottom of each pencil). There is about 50 kind of colors of Play Pencils.

Important notice

You can't use all kind of colors to all parts of your face. Mostly reddish pencils are recommended to not be used for eyes. But you can use all pencils as eyeshadows! ^^

More here:Suggestion from official web:- As Eyeliner: 1~5, 27~50
- As Eyeshadow: All options
- As Makeup Base: 6~10
- As Highlighter: 6
- As Concealer: 8
- As Lip / Blusher: 11~26
- As Eyebrow: 41, 42

My first feelings: 

I was worried at first, I was scared to use it. But I had a chance, to get Pink Pass Membership gift for free (or just, pay 10.000 won and get a free gift and 20% discount for Etude House stores for 6 months).
Gold pencil is definitely better than eyeshadows, because glitters don't fall down on the rest of face anymore.

Using pencils as a eyeliner is a big deal, because it's smudge skill is wonderful. I recommend to use your own eyeliner. 
I like also the fact, that each pencil contains sharpener. So colors can't get dirty, it's handy, if you have only one favorite pencil carrying around.

If you want to buy multi-brush, I highly recommend it. One stick contains 4 brushes and they are super soft.Only one disadvantage and that's because, when you have to "cover" hair brush, hairs are getting broken.

Design: 5/5 Very handy!
Promised effect: 4/5 Good, but too difficult to remove.
Price: 4/5 Around 7.50 dollars, if you find pencil for less, it's good price! ^^

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, just ask me. Have a nice day~

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Etude Pink Cafe Adventure ~

Hello guys!

I am sorry for being "missing" for an almost month, but we had some holidays with my boyfriend! hehe

I was working hard to get together this video! Unfortunatelly, after my holidays, with my boyfriend, I've got a new camera. How? I don't understand, why I didn't buy a new better camera before my trip... but anyway, in my free time, I went to the newly opened Etude House Pink Cafe and took kind of video!
,。・:*:・゜'( ☻ ω ☻ )。・:*:・゜' :*:・  

I hope you will appreciate my hard time of starring staff members at me while I was filming it! kkk

Seriously, this is first Etude Pink Cafe in Seoul old just 2 months! (´。✪ω✪。`) 

How this cafe looks like? 

This Etude House store looks very casual from outside. In overcrowded city like Seoul, are many stores needed, indeed, that's why you can find even 2 Etude House stores in one street! This one looks normally, even when you enter, it looks like a normal store...
But magic stairs are opening whole new world upstairs! World, about which every Etude girl was dreaming about~ 

What can you do there?
You can "play" with things on the table. My favorite thing was an ice cream plushie..~ It was so cute! And sometimes, "accidentally," I've got even two things on my table. I just kind of took it from another table. mehehe

You can order something. First two months was everything for free! Yes, lucky me! ^^

Check news. There is free WiFi waiting for you!

You can rest, comfortable sofa is waiting for you with opened arms! My boyfriend fell asleep there, while I was taking photos. (=_=;;)

You can play pink coin and get things for free! (some are really boring, like samples T^T)

You can check magazines!

You can take a photo with life size of Krystal's poster ♥

Or you can just sit, hang out with friends and check your new items. ~

How can you get there?

When you get out of subway station Hyehwa, it will be right in front of you! ^^


If you are Etude House fan, I definitely recommend to go there! It won't be wasting of time.
At least, photo with Krystal is worth of it! ^^

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day and if you have any questions, I am here to answer it!

So, have you been there, girls? ^^


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