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Etude House - Play Pencil Review and Tutorial

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Thank you very much for 10.000 visitors! I hope you are doing great! Thank you so much ♥ Today I am bringing you a review on Play Pencils from Etude House + video make up haul! 

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Play Pencil... wait, what?

Play pencils are Etude House's pencils for almost everything. You can use pencil only as lipstick or it can be for creative makeup artists like a gold itself! You can use your creativity as much as possible. Eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyebrows colors, blushers, concealers, you don't need casual products it when you have play pencils~ 

Play Pencil Make Up Haul:

What does it contain?

One pencil contains wax-kind of graphite inside of plastic tube and sharpener. (Sharpener is located on the bottom of each pencil). There is about 50 kind of colors of Play Pencils. + limited editions which are changing by seasons.

Important notice

You can't use all kind of colors to all parts of your face. Mostly reddish pencils are recommended to not be used for eyes. But you can use all pencils as eyeshadows! ^^

More here: Suggestion from official web:
- As Eyeliner: 1~5, 27~50
- As Eyeshadow: All options
- As Makeup Base: 6~10
- As Highlighter: 6
- As Concealer: 8
- As Lip / Blusher: 11~26
- As Eyebrow: 41, 42

My first feelings: 
I was worried at first, I was scared to use it. But I had a chance, to get Pink Pass Membership gift for free (or just, pay 10.000 won and get a free gift and 20% discount for Etude House stores for 6 months). So I decided to get it.
Gold pencil is definitely better than eyeshadows, because glitters don't fall down on the rest of face anymore.

Using pencils as a eyeliner is a big deal, because it's smudge skill is wonderful. I recommend to use your own eyeliner. 
I like also the fact, that each pencil contains sharpener. So colors can't get dirty, it's handy, if you have only one favorite pencil carrying around.

If you want to buy multi-brush, I highly recommend it. One stick contains 4 brushes and they are super soft.Only one disadvantage and that's because, when you have to "cover" hair brush, hairs are getting broken.

I hope you liked this review, I really tried all my best to make as cute photos as possible ♥

Design: 5/5 Very handy!
Promised effect: 4/5 Good, but too difficult to remove.
Price: 4/5 Around 7.50 dollars, if you find pencil for less, it's good price! ^^
Buying again? I want the whole collection of it ♥

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  1. I love #5! I have this one and it's been my staple tear duct liner since forever now and I'm that that stage where I'm starting to collect the PLAY 101 pencils haha

    Thanks for the review~

    Mary x

    1. Hello Mary! ^^
      I definitely love #5, but #4 was gorgeous as well. I tried both, but #5 was for free, so I've got this one. Collecting PLAY pencils? Hahaha First thing what I started to look for in Etude store were limited edition Play 101 pencils. But they had only normal colors. What a pity. Anyway, thank you for the comment.

      Have a nice day~

      Nana ^^


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