Sunday, August 30, 2015

Funny Summer Party Glitter Gradation Nails Tutorial D.I.Y.

Hello guys!

Firstly, please excuse my video editing skills. I just realized that my skills are quite limited. lol

Note: Video will be updated later, thanks for understanding, still crying over editing, let's not wait a few weeks and let's read picture tutorial ;)

How it will look like?

I decided to refresh my nails with something not traditional this time! I have a plenty of nail polishes (including my family members) and I felt sorry for not using them.

What do we need?

BASE- choose any color you like! I used LOREAL PARIS Color Riche 
#858 Ocean Porcelaine

GLITTER- KOTON Party Glitters 
Note: KOTON is Turkish clothes brand, I definitely love it, but it's only available in Arabian countries and Europe, sorry.

#250, you can buy it online! It's including dot glitters and lines.

TRANSPARENT- ESSENCE Quick Dry topcoat. And yes, I recommend to use transparent nail polish to fix and protect the colors. But I am not satisfied with this one, by the way.

Let's start!


*in total you will have 5 layers of nail polish, please wait enough time before applying new layer!
*you should test final result on some piece of plastic material first.
*you will need enough time for this, don't make anybody wait for you! (own experience :D )

Show me your results girls! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! :D
Have a nice day and don't mind to comment! ;)

See you next time! and have a nice day~


  1. It looks great ! πŸ’œ I would like to get the same nails like you πŸ’…

    1. Thank you very much! It's easy tutorial. You can try it. Good luck! :)


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