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Sunday, September 20, 2015

It's skin carrot brightening mask - review

Hello, my dear readers! I know, that some of you might be full enough of my EH reviews. But, their commercial strength is so huge! Good commercial = many buyers! It's Skin might not be so popular, but they tried to get customers with good looking oppas on the products.

Explanation? I've got another mask as a gift for entering It's Skin shop, with handsome man in the top picture. But that's not everything. You could get a fan with handsome man, or cotton pads with handsome man. Actually, they have events like that almost every day.

This mask had very good price, actually 50% discount. 10 masks for ₩5,000! So, one mask was for ₩500.

NOTE: ₩500 is about US $0,45. Yes, less than half dollar for mask.

I chose carrot mask, for brightening effect~

How does it look like?

I like design a lot, it's simple and cute. With a realistic drawing. Reminds me grandma's recipe or vintage packing.

How to use?

Classically, open a mask and put on a clean face and let it absorb for about 15-20 minutes. And then gently remove mask.

Does it really work?

They are clearly promising brightening effect, but I can't see any difference, what is interesting. I don't want to make this mask look bad, but I took also photo, before, during and after. You can see, that it didn't give me any brightening/whitening effect... 


-my skin feels hydrated well.
- can feel glowing effect. 
-skin feels fresh.
-no smell of carrot? Is it really carrot mask?
(note: sun started shinning in the "after photo" but there was glowing effect for sure)


Design of the product: 3/5 I like it! But, you might notice strange shape of mask, which is not covering much of my face.

Promised effect: 3/5 I would name it glowing effect refreshing mask. 

Price: 5/5 Around half US dollar is great price!

Would you buy again? 2/5 more likely not. I will try bamboo and snail mask from it's skin, next time.

Thank you for reading. Have you tried this mask? What was your result?

See you next time and don't mind to comment! ^^

Friday, September 18, 2015

Do you really need ETUDE Sweet Drinking Bottle? Event information and Review

Hello my dear readers!

Do you wanna be sweet today? This review is not so traditional, but very FRESH~~~ Because now is still ONGOING event in Etude House official website! But, do you really need it? Let's read pros and cons first, then you can decide!

So what's going on?

If you buy from the official website for over 50 US dollars, you can get this sweet drinking bottle! BUT I hate to say this, but you need to add it to your shopping card by yourself. Their system is super tricky. I didn't get Etude pen last time, because after refreshing website I accidentally clicked somewhere and I was moved to paypal and I couldn't come back to check my card, if it's there or not, card was empty. So be extra careful!

One more note, you can get free shipping, maybe even two times per month, but it's a risk to wait. During August, I grabbed free shipping for orders over 50 dollars~ so I paid only at customs office 15 dollars.

For lucky people in Japan!

Similar event was also in Japan, you could buy only any cushion and you could get Sweet drinking bottle! 

I cut whole picture, it was much more longer before! Mostly it was about types Any Cushions. I thought, it's not necessary, I hope you don't mind.

This event is finished. But maybe it might appear again. ^^

How does it look like?

Packing is super cute, pink box with stripes by it's side walls. It's not as heavy as I expected.

One box contains:
-bottle, but cup is more suitable
-straw (don't worry, not one time use)



Luckily, title is not printed out, but put inside of free empty space among walls.

Looks super cute!


It already has some scratches and I didn't use it yet.
It's made mostly of plastics. Materials: AS, PS, PP and Rubber.

Smells very bad (like plastic) after opening. Clean preciously before using.

It's not completely closed, so you can't really travel with it (in the bag).

You shouldn't let lid on the cup for too long time after drinking, because molds love closed spaces with water remains.

You can clean it only with SOFT sponge.

COLD drinks only.

Can't use dishwasher, microwave, freezer, boiling water and a stove.
Why? Plastic materials are leaving dangerous remains during warming process. And it's not even safe to drink from plastic bottle every day, too.


Size with lid: 16,2 cm
Size without lid: 15,8 cm

Straw size: 21 cm
Capacity: 590 ml


Design: 5/5 super sweet

Promised effect: 2/5 not healthy to use it every day

Price: 4/5 for free, but you have to spend over 50 dollars. 

So do I regret buying buying this? No, actually I don't, but having cold drinks in it are possible around spring. Now autumn started and weather is changing slowly into cold, so also I am preferring hot tea in these days over cold drinks. For now, I am keeping straw unopened and Sweet drinking bottle closed back in the packing.

Thank you for reading and don't mind to comment your opinions. ^^

Have a nice day~ Your Nana

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Etude House Open Your Eyes Make Up Box with magic price - Review

Hello beauties!

How are you? How is your day? 

I am doing great~ and I am bringing you a brand new review on Etude House Open Your Eyes Make Up Box.

Let's start!

So how does it look like?
After opening, there is little poster, with Krystal. I was quite surprised, because service of Official Global Etude is so BAD, I didn't expect to have there something for "free." haha 
People who stayed in Korea for a while, knows what I am talking about.

My eyes first time sparked when I saw eyeshadows included in this magic box. Bad news is, eyeshadows always look wonderful in commercial. Good news is, that eyeshadows are not necessary bad, but it's not enough for perfect "look" I think.
I thought, that brown would be much more darker. But appears more like gold.

OR202 - pure sparkling glitters, I would never imagine, that this is not solid rich color.
BR402 - reminds me copper, more orange than brown color. Definitely mix of those colors. But appears very nice to me!
PLAY 101  #01 - very good as eyeliner but chalk is too soft and it's becoming dull too often.

Curl Fix Mascara - I love this mascara very much! you might notice big and small brushes on the each side. But it doesn't really curl that much like magic in the commercial, but yes it can reach all your lashes ^^

*24 hours lasting

*can reach all your lashes with handy brush

Official commercial:


Design: 5/5 we all know that EH is not having problems with design.
Promised effect: 4/5 I would use less promises in the commercial next time.
Price: 2/5 Surprise is, that you can buy this box by various prices. Interesting is, that price is jumping all the time. Not fixed. Example: 32.40 US $ normal price, but sometimes it's 15 US $ or 20 US $.

Feels like magic, doesn't it?

Thank you for reading. Do you have experience with some of this products?
For how much would you buy this box?

See you next time! ;)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Milky Nails Tutorial, D.I.Y

Hello everyone!

My dear readers, because you liked, my nail tutorial from last time, I am bringing you a brand new tutorial, Milky Nails Tutorial, for last sunny days~

What do we need?

1. COLOR BASE: RIMMEL LONDON - RITA ORA #408 PEACHELLA - I love this color! Recently, I have enough of pink colors. This is wonderful change!

2. MILKY BLUE: LOREAL PARIS - Color Riche #858 Ocean Porcelaine

#131 - I like how "Vintage" this color is ^w^


5. TOP COAT: NYC NEW YOUR COLOR - Super Nova Sparkle Top Coat


Don't forget to let each layer to dry completely!

Let's start!

Thank you for reading! I will bring you a new tutorial soon!

Have a nice day and my comment boxes are waiting for your opinions! I hope you like it. See you next time! 
 ・:*:・゜'( ☻ ω ☻ )。・:*:・゜

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Love or Hate? Super lasting: Holika Holika 디저트 타임 립밤 / dessert time lip balm

Hello everybody! ^^

This time, I am introducing you, first time, item from Holika Holika! And it looks definetly very delicious~

This one is "upgraded" balm from old collection.

How does it look like?

Absolutely yummy! No, come on, I am writing almost professional review. 
Design is cute, indeed, but it's not so handy. At least I've got this because of design. As a decoration it's super cute, but not for everyday's travel. Material is solid plastics fairly dyed, but on the top is used second layer, which can become shabby, in my opinion.

Story about the evil lip balm inside. Love or Hate?

When I was choosing among the lip balms in Holika Holika's store, I didn't like design of clear balm, so I decided to buy this cutest one. Vivid pink. I tried it, when I was about to go to the bed. In the morning, I woke up with the same pinkish lips as I had before going the bed!

Was it a tattoo or something?

I couldn't remove it with my make up remover. Hahaha Only Perfect Whip helped me. (Perfect whip review here)

Love or Hate? 
Love- when you want to look wonderful in the morning next to your boyfriend. But this is not like casual lip balm,more like lipstick or lip gloss.

Hate- when you make a mistake during applying, you have a BIG problem. It's more like tattooed into your lips. Good luck with removing.

So why I didn't read any review when I was buying it?

Because of shopkeeper in front of Holika Holika, waving with lovely super cute butterfly pens! I fell for the pen at the first sight. Insanely, I hurried into the shop with pen in my hands and I tried to buy the cheapest thing to get the pen. And this lip balm was cutest one~

Design of the product: 5/5 super cute!
Promised effect: 2.5/5 I am not sure if I like it or not.
Price: 5/5 about 5,000 won, less than 5 dollars.
Buying again? 3/5 maybe clear balm

Thank you very much for reading! *waving with butterfly pen* Have a nice day! ^^


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