Sunday, September 13, 2015

Etude House Open Your Eyes Make Up Box with magic price - Review

Hello beauties!

How are you? How is your day? 

I am doing great~ and I am bringing you a brand new review on Etude House Open Your Eyes Make Up Box.

Let's start!

So how does it look like?
After opening, there is little poster, with Krystal. I was quite surprised, because service of Official Global Etude is so BAD, I didn't expect to have there something for "free." haha 
People who stayed in Korea for a while, knows what I am talking about.

My eyes first time sparked when I saw eyeshadows included in this magic box. Bad news is, eyeshadows always look wonderful in commercial. Good news is, that eyeshadows are not necessary bad, but it's not enough for perfect "look" I think.
I thought, that brown would be much more darker. But appears more like gold.

OR202 - pure sparkling glitters, I would never imagine, that this is not solid rich color.
BR402 - reminds me copper, more orange than brown color. Definitely mix of those colors. But appears very nice to me!
PLAY 101  #01 - very good as eyeliner but chalk is too soft and it's becoming dull too often.

Curl Fix Mascara - I love this mascara very much! you might notice big and small brushes on the each side. But it doesn't really curl that much like magic in the commercial, but yes it can reach all your lashes ^^

*24 hours lasting

*can reach all your lashes with handy brush

Official commercial:


Design: 5/5 we all know that EH is not having problems with design.
Promised effect: 4/5 I would use less promises in the commercial next time.
Price: 2/5 Surprise is, that you can buy this box by various prices. Interesting is, that price is jumping all the time. Not fixed. Example: 32.40 US $ normal price, but sometimes it's 15 US $ or 20 US $.

Feels like magic, doesn't it?

Thank you for reading. Do you have experience with some of this products?
For how much would you buy this box?

See you next time! ;)


  1. This set looks so good! I hope, I can get it for lower price as well :)


    1. Hello Miru,

      Now, there is discount for this product again (EH official website) for US $14.90! Hurry up and you can get it too. ^^

      Have a nice day, Nana ~


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