Sunday, September 20, 2015

It's skin carrot brightening mask - review

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I know, that some of you might be full enough of my E H's reviews. But, their commercial strength is so huge, I have to buy it like all the time! Good commercial => many buyers! It's Skin might not be so popular, but they tried to get customers with good looking oppas on the products. Nobody can resist handsome oppa on the product smiling on you! (✿ ♥‿♥)

Explanation? I've got another mask as a gift for entering It's Skin shop, with a handsome man in the top picture. But that's not everything. You could get a fan with a handsome man, or cotton pads with a handsome man. Actually, they have events like that almost every day. But some people couldn't catch the right moment. I am like a satellite and I scanning all the shops for various events. Well, you also need a good place. Best stop for you is Dongdaemun, there are many foreigners.

This mask had a very good price, actually 50% discount. 10 masks for ₩5,000! So, one mask was for ₩ 500.

NOTE: ₩ 500 is about 0,45 US dollar. Yes, less than a half dollar for a mask.

I chose carrot mask, for brightening effect~

How does it look like?

I like the design a lot, it's simple and cute. With a realistic drawing. Reminds me grandma's recipe or vintage packing. Yes, vintage Victorian or American 50ties?

How to use?

Classically, open a mask and put on a clean face and let it absorb for about 15-20 minutes. And then gently remove the mask.

Does it really work?

They are clearly promising brightening effect, but I can't see any difference, what is interesting. I don't want to make this mask look bad, but I took also a photo, before, during and after. You can see, that it didn't give me any brightening/whitening effect... 


-my skin feels hydrated well.
- can feel the glowing effect. 
-skin feels fresh.
-no smell of carrot? Is it really carrot mask?
(note: sun started shinning in the "after photo" but there was glowing effect for sure)


Design of the product: 3/5 I like it! But, you might notice the strange shape of mask, which is not covering much of my face.

Promised effect: 3/5 I would name it glowing effect refreshing mask. 

Price: 5/5 Around half US dollar is a great price!

Would you buy again? 2/5 more likely not. I will try bamboo and snail mask from it's skin, next time.

Thank you for reading. Have you tried this mask? What was your result?

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