Thursday, September 3, 2015

Love or Hate? Super lasting: Holika Holika 디저트 타임 립밤 / dessert time lip balm

Hello everybody! ^^

This time, I am introducing you, first time, an item from Holika Holika! And it looks definitely very delicious~

This one is "upgraded" balm from an old collection. Designs from this cupcake edition were different. (a little bit)

How does it look like?

Absolutely yummy! No, come on, I am writing an almost professional review. 

The design is cute, indeed, but it's not so handy. At least I've got this because of its design. As a decoration it's super cute, but not for every day's travel. Item has a lot's of details, dirt can get stuck there and most importantly, there is no applicator. Or you have to use your fingers. 
The material is solid plastics fairly dyed, but on the top is used the second layer, which can become shabby, in my opinion.

The story about the evil lip balm inside. Love or Hate?

When I was choosing among the lip balms in Holika Holika's store, I didn't like the design of clear balm, so I decided to buy this cutest one. Vivid pink. I tried it when I was about to go to the bed. In the morning, I woke up with the same pinkish lips as I had before going the bed! This is not that bad. Or not?

Was it a tattoo or something?

I couldn't remove it with my make up remover. Ha ha ha, Only Perfect Whip (Cleansing foam for face) helped me. (Perfect whip review here)

Love or Hate? 

Love- when you want to look wonderful in the morning next to your boyfriend. But this is not like casual lip balm, more like lipstick or lip gloss.

Hate- when you make a mistake during applying, you have a BIG problem. It's more like tattooed on your lips. Good luck with removing.

So why I didn't read any review when I was buying it?

Because of a shopkeeper in front of Holika Holika, waving with lovely super cute butterfly pens! I fell for the pen at the first sight. Insanely, I hurried into the shop with pen in my hands and I tried to buy the cheapest thing to get the pen. Holika Holika is not the cheapest store. And I didn't really test this brand before. And this lip balm was cutest one and with a good price~

Design of the product: 5/5 super cute!
Promised effect: 2.5/5 I am not sure if I like it or not.
Price: 5/5 around 5,000 won, less than 5 dollars.
Buying again? 3/5 maybe clear balm

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You can imagine it's taste. Have a nice sweet day! ~ Nana ^^

Thank you very much for reading! *waving with butterfly pen* Have a nice day! ^^


  1. Looks so cute but color is too vivid for me. Thank you for the review! Cute pen by the way :)

    1. Yes, I love that pen. Thank you for comment! Have a wonderful day~ ^^

  2. the packaging look to real as cupcake anyway .the icing cream and the sprinkles tho <3 but it's a pity that the quality isn't that nice..
    i was agree with you when i face the same situation of wanting that cute butterfly pen.no matter what. i must get it no matter what.hohoho~


    1. I am sad for quality too. But it was worth of butterfly pen. I am glad, that I am not alone, who wouldn't resists this butterfly pen! My boyfriend was making fun of me a few days. -_-;;

      Have a nice day! You have wonderful blog, by the way~ ^^

  3. The pen IS cute though!! ahah the invisible pressure the shop assistants put on you to try and buy stuff~ dw I've been there before...I got a cute pen from EH once XD
    I guess you'd have to say the lip balm is pretty good for it to last for such a long time ^^
    Maybe try using a brush as an applicator as a precaution to make sure it doesn't go anywhere else? :D
    xx Charmaine

    Charrmyn || Flowers & an Orange Tree Lookbook

    1. This week was an event: "buy water tint and get a free EH pen" in EH global web, so I am getting new pen as well, too! (。◕ ∀ ◕。) I didn't tell my boyfriend yet. -_-;;;
      It's good for long lasting, but I wish they would have better colors shades~
      I will definitely need a brush, because I wouldn't get it off of my finger. :'D

      Thank you, have a nice day ^_~


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