Monday, September 7, 2015

Milky Nails Tutorial, D.I.Y

Hello everyone!

My dear readers, because you liked, my nail tutorial from last time, I am bringing you a brand new tutorial, Milky Nails Tutorial, for last sunny days~

The last tutorial was summer inspired. But it was also looking like diamonds or ice. And it had a lot's of sparklings. This time I was thinking about some ideas and I ended up with a Milky Nails Tutorial. It was supposed to be like an ice cream tutorial, but in the end, it's a Milky tutorial. I think this theme is very cute as well. And Ice cream tutorial is too old I think and it's not really innovative. What do you think? I was looking for something new. I don't like stealing the ideas. Also, I was looking for a very low-cost tutorial, as I am still a student. I am not really going to the salons to give me nail makeovers.

For this tutorial, you don't need anything expensive. You can make it only with nail polishes. Well, it will require some creativity. As I didn't use any brush, well you can use a brush if you want. Brushes are so expensive, by the way :D

Anyway, this tutorial should look refreshing. Like a cold milkshake in the summer. Can you imagine wearing my nail tutorial on the beach? Or just outside enjoying a cooling drink? Then a handsome guy will notice your nails... well, this is too science fiction, guys really don't care about nails. Alright, let's say that other girls will see it. And they will be green from being envious and you will just smirk because you used my nail tutorial. Are you ready enough for trying my tutorial? Great! Let's start!

What do we need?

1. COLOR BASE: RIMMEL LONDON - RITA ORA #408 PEACHELLA - I love this color! Recently, I have enough of pink colors. This is a wonderful change!

2. MILKY BLUE: LOREAL PARIS - Color Riche #858 Ocean Porcelaine - I used this same nail polish also in the last nail tutorial. I am getting obsessed with this shade.

#131 - I like how "Vintage" this color is ^w^


5. TOPCOAT: NYC NEW YOUR COLOR - Super Nova Sparkle Top Coat

Don't forget to let each layer to dry completely!

Let's start!

Thank you for reading! I will bring you a new tutorial soon! I hope you can read my handwritten tutorial.

Have a nice day and my comment boxes are waiting for your opinions! I hope you like it. See you next time! 
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