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Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween inspired Vamp Look tutorial x Etude House

Hello everyone!

I am back with a new tutorial inspired by upcoming Halloween!
I am starting with Vamp Look tutorial and I will continue with more looks, if you guys will be interested~

What do we need?

* Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes Bloody Halloween eyeshadows (fall 2014)
*Etude House Look At My Eyes single shadows #PK004 and #BR402
*Etude House Play 101 Pencil #05
! you will need eyeliner and mascara too

*Etude House Blur My Face
*Etude House Any Cushion - Light Pearl Aura

*Etude House Play 101 Pencil #01 and #22 
*Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint #02 Cherry Ade

Vamp look tutorial.
Click to expand.

Finish look + notes

NOTE 1:  I used also Etude House Play 101 Pencil #52, but it's very rare to get it. It's super glitter pink color and I used it to outlet side of my eyebag.

NOTE 2: You could use probably color "Zombie Kiss" instead of 
#PK004 single shadow, but "Zombie Kiss" is more like balm than eye shadow. I use it as lipstick often. Color shade is almost the same :)NOTE 3: I forgot take a photo with Play 101 pencil  #05, maybe you noticed that instead of #05 I took a photo of #52 :'D in "what do we need" picture. haha

Thank you very much for reading. Enjoy upcoming weekend. ^_^

Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Autumn Choice. Innisfree Mineral Single Shadow - review

Hello my dear readers!

Autumn is showing it's colors already, weather is slightly cooling down. It was even snowing last week here!
That's why, I am slowly changing my colors, not only my clothes color choice, but also my eyeshadows!

Today, I will share with you my experience with Innisfree Mineral Single Shadow. :)

How does it look like?

You might notice, single shadows are quite popular among cosmetic brands nowadays. Innisfree is one of those brands, but there is still something outstanding about those eyeshadows. 
They have interesting color choice. Most of the colors have kind of glitters and rich pigmentation.

About the colors
Actually it's made of Jeju's mineral powder. I can admit, that it has a specific texture and outstanding colors. They are also promising radiant glow.
NO.42 Maple Leaf
산책로의 단풍잎 -
 is not as dark as it seems to be. It's more like vintage brown mixed with a drop of orange color.
It has great pigmentation and I have already a vision with this color using it for smoky eyes. Yay!

NO.43 Golden Dazzling Sunset
눈부신 금빛노을 - for me, definitely warm natural metallic shade. And it's outstanding during using. 

NO.24 Soft Velvet Carpet
보드라운 벨벳 카펫 -  great for skin highlighting for eyebags. But this one in more like transparent color.


Design of the product: 4/5 A little bit difficult to open, but natural design is good!
Promised effect: 5/5 smoothnesspigmentation and natural color choices are wonderful♥
Price: 4/5 not the cheapest, not the most expensive. I know that's it's similar quality or better than MAC, so I am giving it 4 or 5. (I bought it in Korea, where price was under 5 dollars but on the internet, price is over 6 dollars. Check all prices before buying) ^^

Thank you for reading, enjoy autumn's weather and see you next time! ^^

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Etude House Bling Me Prism Eyes 01 Honey Glam Review

Hello my dear readers!

How are you? I hope, you are doing fine! Today, I will write a review about Bling Me Prism limited edition. I was in the store, when it just arrived~ but I am writing a review only now, because I was just so busy. I hope, you kindly understand my slow progress of reviews. kkk

So how does it look like?

I bought color number one, Honey Glam, which is in my option maybe even kind of "nude" or "natural" shade.
Packing is in the item's color, which is rare, but pretty handy with recognizing items. And it's a limited collection, so don't hesitate to buy it~

It's a liquid eyeshadow. It might be very handy as a base shade. You can gradient it with play pencils or another eyeshadows. I toned up base color into orange with play pencil number 4. And result? Bling Me Prism Honey Glam + Play pencil 04 makes a MAGIC ♥.

I simply love glitters on eyes but I hate removing it, because a few days later I still see some glued glitters around my eyes. hahaha 

About the brush~

Brush is soft, but for more blending you will need additional brush, or your finger.

This brush is having also some aerodynamic shape. For applying on big and small areas! ^^

For more noticeable color result, you will have to use more layers. I always apply it twice.

Did you notice that brushes for lip glosses and liquid eyeshadows are furry? 

How long can it last? 

Actually, I didn't intend to test, but you can party hard and this eyeshadow will look like freshly applied! Yay! After a few hours dancing in Gangnam, I looked the same, that's very good plus+. 

I don't like eyeshadows which are on my cheeks and blown by my sweat far away. haha

There was also super event, I've got cute ring :)
I could chose between ring and bracelet from 2 designs.

Testing the color
I absolutely love this color. It reminds me food or something warm. I can't really say, that it has glitters, but there is some metallic reflection for sure.

Official Etude preview:

Design of the product: 5/5 I feel it as a fresh wave  to other collections :)
Promised effect: 5/5 I like long lasting effect the most + pigmentation ♥ 
Price: 4/5 I think, it's fair price, but not the cheapest. Up to you, to decide, if you want to buy.
Buying again? YES!

See you soon and thank you for reading ^^ Have a nice day~

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Saem - Eco Seoul Wonderful Peel-off Base Coat Nail Polish

Hello girls! 
I am sorry for being kind of "afk" for some time. But my new university semester just started. I've been busy, but I found time, to share with you my new experience!

Today, I will talk about The Saem's Peel-off Base Coat Nail Polish. I've got it in Myeongdong, the best shopping part of Seoul, for me. I don't know, how I came inside of that shop, I think, some lady in front of shop gave me something into my hands and pushed me inside. hahaha

note: The Saem has lovely nail polishes, you should check them!

Just like usually, they tried to make me buy everything, but I was stubborn. Lady was very happy, that I could speak Korean to her. 

But I told her, that I have plenty of glitter nail polishes and bunny nail polishes and it's a pain to remove it.
Then she pointed at this Base Coat and told me, that it's very good to use it as a base coat. With little fear, I took it into my shopping card, not sure, if we understood each other well, but I paid. And with optimism, I told myself "It's not bad to have one more white nail polish, if it will not work." I didn't read description at first. ^^;

How does it look like?

It doesn't come with any paper packing. It includes only "a paper safety mark," to protect item being opened before purchase, so you can know, that nobody opened it, before you. There is not much written in Korean. Only The Seam, Eco Seoul, Nail collection and peel-off base. And it's only in Korean, maybe it's disadvantage for foreign customers.

About nail polish, you might be surprised, at first glance it looks like white color, but after drying, it becomes completely sheer. So you don't have to be worried.

Contains 10 ml of base peel-off nail polish.

Promised effects:

Smell is very soft. Not even like a nail polish. And that's because, you can make base coat at your home by yourself as well.

Drying time is about 20 minutes for thin layer. But thick layer dries much more longer.

You should wait, until base coat will be completely dried!

Stands very good as a base and it's easier to remove glitters.

Changing color from milky to sheer.

(Picture is down below.)

Removing is very simple. Just pull the edge of applied base coat. It works nice also with nail polish remover. Or you can use some stick for removing. (I saw it somewhere.) 

*But you should apply base coat carefully on whole nail area, then there will be no nail polish "glued" into your nail.

removing base coat

Design: 4/5 I would mind only one thing, not having description on the product.
Promised effect: 5/5 I am fully satisfied.
Price: 5/5 I am not sure, but I think, it was 2,000 KRW = less than 2 dollars. Pretty cheap!
Would you buy again? 5/5 Definitely!

I hope, you enjoyed it. If you know better base coat, just let me know! ^^
Have a nice day~


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