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My Autumn Choice. Innisfree Mineral Single Shadow - review

Hello, my dear readers!

Autumn is showing its colors already, the weather is slightly cooling down. It was even snowing last week here! It's getting so cold. But Autumn is very colorful. Yellow, orange or red! All colors are so beautiful. That's why, I am slowly changing my colors, not only my clothes color choice, but also my eyeshadows!

Today, I will share with you my experience with Innisfree Mineral Single Shadow. :)

You can also notice my drawings in the main photo. Eyeshadows are placed on my watercolor drawing and then I added also illustration of leaves on the top of it, to make it more autumn like. :)

How does it look like?

You might notice, single shadows are quite popular among cosmetic brands nowadays. Innisfree is one of those brands, but there is still something outstanding about those eyeshadows. They have an interesting color choice. Most of the colors have kind of glitters and rich pigmentation.

About the colors

Actually, it's made of Jeju's mineral powder. I can admit, that it has a specific texture and outstanding colors. They are also promising radiant glow.

NO.42 Maple Leaf
산책로의 단풍잎 -
 is not as dark as it seems to be. It's more like vintage brown mixed with a drop of orange color.
It has great pigmentation and I have already a vision with this color using it for smoky eyes. Yay!

NO.43 Golden Dazzling Sunset
눈부신 금빛노을 - for me, definitely warm natural metallic shade. And it's outstanding during using. 

NO.24 Soft Velvet Carpet

보드라운 벨벳 카펫 -  great for skin highlighting for eye bags. But this one in more like the transparent color.

With Innisfree eyeshadows, you can create very thin layers like with oil colors. All my shades have a light shimmer.  It's very easy to apply it and it's easy to do a gradation effect. You can also purchase a palette and combine shades into your personal palette. They have small or big ones too! 

These eyeshadows are wonderful but quite expensive. For one shade I paid 5.000 Korean Won. It's not the cheapest, but the quality is very good.


Design of the product: 4/5 A little bit difficult to open, but the natural design is good!
Promised effect: 5/5 smoothnesspigmentation, and natural color choices are wonderful♥
Price: 3/5 not the cheapest, not the most expensive. I know that's it's similar quality or better than MAC, so I am giving it 3 or 5. (I bought it in Korea, where price was under 5 dollars but on the internet, price is over 6 dollars. Check all prices before buying) ^^

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Thank you for reading, enjoy autumn's weather and see you next time! ^^

Your Nana~


  1. I love the colours you bought!
    I have some innisfree shadows and they are very nice to use~
    If you have a little trouble or find it troublesome to open, maybe buy the palette from innisfree! If I'm not wrong, you can put at least 3 different colours into the holes, so it's all kept together and easier to access ^^
    With the colours you bought, I'm sure you can create a very beautiful autumn look :)
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || My Last Day Of High School

    1. Thank you very much! I agree, their pigmentation is wonderful and it's great to use. ^^
      Yes, I know... unfortunately, I was completely broke at that time, so I could't buy it. And online shops, they sometimes even not offer palette. Maybe next time I will buy it :)

      Have a nice day! ^^

  2. I love them as well! Stunning pigmenration. Lovely review dear ^^

    1. Hello! Yes, pigmentation is outstanding indeed~ also their color choices are beautiful! ^^

      Thank you very much and have a nice day!


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