Saturday, November 7, 2015

Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes Hello Pumpqueen review!

Hello my readers!

I am back, again, with a new review! Something interesting happened recently and I want to share it with you! kkk
I noticed, that limited EH editions are selling off much more quicker than ever before. How is it possible? 
1. opinion, they ordered less items for stock than ever before;
2. opinion, do they have more fans?
Everyone knows, that EH fans are increasing rapidly, also for their strong global promoting, but they are definitely decreasing the number of items which are coming to their stores.

Let's stop with talking and let's do reviewing!

How does it look like?
Item comes in paper cover, after opening, there is plastic cover of item itself. I really like, that this item comes with a mirror like other fantastic color eyes! 
Anyway, I do like design, it's something new.

About the colors

Cacao Fondue - creamy texture, u can use it also as an eyeliner! ^^

Brown Sugar - this color looks seriously sooo yummy and it's the darkest shade in this palette.
Pearl Lantern - glittering texture. Great for highlighting!

Honey Pumpkin - OMG, I love this one, this kind of orange is gorgeous. Good for vivifying entire impression of color shade on your eyes.

Caramelizing- this shade surprised me the most, because of its thick glittering texture. I mean, seriously thick and highly pigmented. This color is like real copper.
A Piece of Pie - I am not sure what to say about this color. It looks similar to "Brown Sugar", but it's not the same, "Piece of Pie" is definitely lighter and colder color.

Official Etude House Preview: 


Design of the product: 5/5 I like this design ^^
Promised effect: 5/5 Doing it's job very well! Good for everyday use as well.
Price: 3/5 Price is not bad actually, but some sellers are over-pricing this item, due to decreased number of this Limited Edition in stock. Price is now about 16.50-22.50

Buying again? Limited edition

Thank you for reading and I hope, you had wonderful Halloween! See you next time. ^^


  1. Eyeshadows look great! I love golden look :))

    1. I absolutely agree, I love gold eyeshadows, nails as well and more ... I think, it looks fabulous ♥

      Thank you for commenting and have a great day! ^^


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