Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Leaders Insolution 5 in One White Potent Cream

I am not quite sure, how to start, today. Because I am introducing you a new brand, LEADERS INSOLUTION. 
This cream was a gift from my friend, Amy. One day she came super excited with this cream in her hands!

How does it look like?

The design is very unique, I could say luxury-like design. Outside transparent wall is making shadows and showing it's silhouette on the inner wall. I guess design overcame the quality because I broke pearl light expensive-looking blue lid to access cream without pushing dispenser.

Promised effect.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the box again, but a few days ago, I took a picture of it, at least, the most important part.

Well, this 5 in one should contain:

skin (I guess, it's skin softener) + essence + lotion + cream +sunscreen (SPF 50+)

Plus: anti-wrinkle and whitening effect.

Push the dispenser after opening and cream will come out. 
I didn't see recommendation like this, but I strongly recommend use this cream:

1. As a DAY CREAM, because of sunscreen SPF 50+.
2. Only for people older than 25+ yrs, because of anti-wrinkle effect. It can damage young skin.
3. You should clean dispenser every week, at least. Maybe it would be better every few days because it will be full of dirt.


The cream itself is having very light texture compared to my other creams. Easy to apply, spread and quick absorbing. Smells are nice, kind of refreshing and reminds me the smell of sunscreen, a lot. 


Design: 3/5. I like its design, double wall with shadow on the inner wall... However lid got broken and I am not very happy about it. Also, dispenser is getting dirty and it must be cleaned often. That's why 2 points down. Sorry.
Promised effect: 5/5. I might know better cream, but since this is 5 in one,  (but only day cream) and we can say, that you can skip many products thanks to this miracle product, it can keep 5 of 5 points.
Price: 4/5. Until now, I saw this product around 30-50 USD, but it's 5 in 1...
Buying again? 4/5 I am not really using it (my skin doesn't need anti-wrinkle and whitening effects), but I am recommending this product to busy people, who don't want to lose time with applying cream/essence/whitening/anti-wrinkle/lotion/sunscreen/
skin softener products separately. 

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions, just check the comment box below~


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Etude House Snowy Dessert Ginger Cookie Blusher Review

Hello everyone!

How are you? Having holidays already? I finished my 2 first exams and I am kind of studying for another exams as well...(kind of)

Today's review will be about Snowy Dessert collection~ and I am very excited! It's so cute!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes In the Café Review

Hello, my dear readers!

I couldn't help it and I've got another eyeshadow palette (poor my wallet)! I was drooling when I saw it the first time. I just love natural colors and I've got in for full price on eBay!

How does it look like?

It looks absolutely beautiful! Don't you agree? EH finally started using recycled material and it's chic!

This palette includes 10 lovely shades! And as I realized, you can get it separately in single shadows collection.


This is different collection than any other. And that's because EH released only 4000 pieces. It got sold out on each day when they restocked it.
And that's not all! This item won a price Hit Item from Powder Room 2015! ^^

About the colors

Because of the rarity of this item, names of colors were in Korean, but I translated it for you while some names were matching English, some of them had almost literary meaning. 

Honey Milk - you can't even see it in my testing. Is my skin that pale? :D
Coffee Mocha - darkest shade, save it for smoky eyes~
Chocolate Latte - light warm brown

Caramel Latte - this color looks so natural.

Coconut on the Beach - I am confused about this name, I was imagining this palette as a classic Seoul life (like coffee shops lifestyle) and this is just too strange :D

Plop in my Mind - one of the metaphoric name. One of 3 glitter shadows.
Take it out with Syrup - This shade includes glitters as well, but it's much darker.
Coffee Latte - this color pigmentation is not so strong, or it's just too similar to my skin tone.
Grapefruit Honey - I just love this pink. It's communicating with Peach Pepper salt! I can't stop looking at it <3
Peach Pepper Salt - is best friend with Grapefruit honey! Personally, I prefer this kind of vintage pink~

My Testing:

I won't complain, I like it very much, colors are beautiful, natural, great for everyday use! ^^

Official Etude House preview:

This is what I see when I think about"In the Café" eyeshadows:

Coffee? Coffee, coffee~~~

Design: 5/5 Super adorable, recycled paper, mirror included and 2 brushes! ♥
Promised effect: 5/5 Doing it's job very well.
Price: 3/5 I am unhappy because I had to pay double price. I tried to get it in Seoul, but it was sold out too quickly :( But you can still get it on eBay for 35,00 US dollar!
Buying again? Only about 4000 pieces. Not anymore.

Thank you for reading! Would you be interested in this kind of palette? Do you like coffee? Have a nice day ;)

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Innisfree Canola Honey Series, part 1 the best CREAM ever Review

Hello, girls!

How are you?
I promised myself, that I won't post EH review this time, and as you can see, I prepared for you complete Canola Honey reviews series, because I have almost whole set, as you can see! I had to divide this review, because I own 5 items: cream, mist, hand cream, pack & cream and serum. 

And this review will be about Canola Honey Cream! ^^


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