Sunday, December 20, 2015

Etude House Snowy Dessert Ginger Cookie Blusher Review

Hello everyone!

How are you? Having holidays already? I finished my 2 first exams and I am kind of studying for another exams as well...(kind of)

Today's review will be about Snowy Dessert collection~ and I am very excited! It's so cute!

How does it look like?

Paper packaging looks like oven ready for baking and inside, correct me if I am wrong. Is it Ginger Man from Shrek movie? Look at it's face, that face will make your day for sure! I just love that smile on its face ^^

What is it for?

This is supposed to be blusher, actually. When I saw it first time, I thought,  it's a powder.
"This is a two tone blusher with warm and sweet baked ginger man that brightly flushes cheeks."

About the colors

Today, I don't have any interesting names of tone for you. We will call them simply A and B.

A: Background, light tone with pearl like aura with soft pink pigmentation. 
B: Gingerman, orange rich pigmented tone with pearl shimmering as well.

You can use separately or together A+B.

For people who doesn't know Shrek movies! Is here someone who doesn't know it? Gingerman is so funny. "No, no,, no the buttons no!" :D

I think, Gingerman is one of the most funniest characters~

Official Etude House preview:


Design: 5/5
So funny and cute! Can't complain!
Price: 4/5 Price is from 13-18 USD, depending on where are you buying!
Promised Effect 5/5 It's probably better than dreaming swan, 2 shades in one, also light pearl shimmering aura is included. Doing its job pretty well.
Buying again? 3/5 It's super cute, I know it, you know it too. It's limited edition, I know it, you know it too... But I think, it's too early for a new blusher since just this summer EH launched 5 blushers as well. I own 4 blushers from Dreaming Swan collection and I don't know when I will finish all my total 5 blushers now. :D

Thank you very much for reading. And boys, I think, this is super cute gift for your girlfriends for Christmas, anyway, look for something original with some "secret message" inside!
I wish you beautiful holidays and happy late shopping (if you are person like me) See you soon :)



  1. I love the gingerman imprint on the blusher!! it makes it super cute & it totally does remind me of Gingy from Shrek!
    hehe lovely review! Good luck for the rest of your exams! :)
    btw, I also did a review of this blusher & other items from the collection~ Mind checking it out please?
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || Etude House Snowy Dessert Collection Review

    1. Hi Charmaine!

      You might not believe me, but I just came from your blog! Yes, I am checking your blog first, then mine. Congratulations to be chosen as Pink Bird, your review is lovely! ^^

      Have a nice day~ Nana


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