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5 facts which you didn't know about Korean cosmetics

Hello, girls! Today I prepared for you 5 facts which you didn't know about Korean cosmetics! I am sorry if you already know it, but that's only better. 

I wanted to prepare for you something more enjoyable than reviews, which I am posting all the time. To tell the truth, I love doing reviews but suddenly doing only reviews is not so enjoyable. That's why I am planning to do more things like this in near future as well if you will like it~~

Let's begin! ^^

1. In the product's description is not listed the expiration date.

This is the saddest and the most common misunderstanding. In Korea, it's normal to list production date instead of the expiration date. Why? Because each product is valid about 24-30 months after opening! Of course, there is another warning, there is 1% chance to have listed expiration date in the description, but that's usually used for overseas market, where it's necessary.

I will teach you, how to find out which date is used on your cosmetics!

제조 - manufacture date (99% chance of having this)

까지 - expiration date (1% or less possibility)

*NOTE: not always you will be able to read it. Korean letters are becoming one unreadable mass especially when they print them too tiny. Focus on the ending of the word. If you will see the last syllable looking like "조", it will be probably manufacture date and "제" will be first unreadable mass, just like in the picture (yellow product)

I hope this will help you! Check out on the product description how long time it can stay valid!!! ^^

***note for Korean speakers: I am trying to make this easy for non-Korean speakers, otherwise I would include also 날짜, which could be confusing because it's not used on the product, same as 유효 날짜, I used "up to" - 까지 because it's just used on cosmetics. Thank you for understanding! ^^

2. Fresh news about forbidden  testing on animals

When I was using cosmetics, I was the most worried about animals, because there is no bigger enemy of our beloved pets than cosmetic industry! By the law, each product must be tested for danger and unexpected reactions on animals and that is absolutely inhumane. Testing is more like torture and animals are usually dying blind with the wound which will nobody take care of for research reasons!

In March 2015, they said, testing will be forbidden in 2017:

Another article from March 2015, saying that testing will end in 2017:

But, it was changed again to 2018 TT^TT, check it out:

Luckily, this law is coming, slowly but coming and becoming true soon... we hope!

*NOTE: bunnies are usually testing subjects for the cosmetics industry.

3. The product might be not the best if handsome oppa on the poster says so!

The Seam, The Face Shop, It's Skin, Innisfree... In Korea, you can experience "race" about which brand has more handsome guys on the products, simply because of increasing K-dramas and K-pop influence!

Fans should be aware, that it might be better to read some review first, instead of choosing mask by the most favorite member of boy's group. Think about your skin type and choose item the most suitable for your skin.   

Other handsome oppas from the posters (sorry no idea who they are):

4. Events and samples.

It's not common in Western countries, but it's absolutely fabulous in Korea! Samples, events, gifts! 

I love how Cosmetics companies are trying to keep their customers loyal, in Korea. Almost for every purchase, you can get something for free!

Check out birthdays of official stores, be sure, that you might get wonderful items on their anniversary! New Years are usually including diaries, I am sure, there will be some events also for Valentine's day...

I think, most of you already experienced samples, but did you receive any gifts? You can get anything not connected to cosmetics as well! Fans, pens, bags, mobile phone holders, jewelry... 

5. Returning used products to Innisfree (available only in local stores, no online stores, sorry!)

I haven't noticed this until recently (half year ago), when I tired to find out, until when the product is valid... and this little sentence surprised me quite a lot.
You can return Innisfree products after using them. This is Innisfree recycling program! I heard you can return it and get some points using them as the discount, but it's not high. 

I think, this idea is very green! If you don't have any Innisfree store around you, please, at least, recycle your cosmetic after use ♥ Let's hope for better days~  

The video for lazy readers!

Don't mind commenting down below~ I hope you enjoyed my article and see you soon! ^^

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    1. Thank you very much, I am glad, there will be no more testing as well. I hope this world will be better for animals soon!

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  3. The first fact was super important and something I hadn't come across before! It's easy to forget how long I've had certain kbeauty products in my drawer so thanks for the tip. You also had me at tip 3 hahahaha :'D
    ~Weng wengiful

    1. Thank you very much Weng, I have to do some drawer cleaning as well! You are so funny! :D hahaha

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