Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Snowy Dessert Play 101 Pencil Review

Hello, my snowy ddalgies!

Today, I would love to show you my new Play 101 Pencils. I love collecting them, they are useful and handy! (I am getting too many of them) The new limited edition is here! (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。Play Pencil's shades are like heaven's match with strawberry pepero (Korean snacks). How can it look so yummy ♥


Snowy Dessert Play 101 Pencils were launched on Pepero day (Pocky / Mikado day for rest of the world), which was 11. 11. 2015. It was great timing! It's a Pepero day because of four ones 1 1 1 1 and it looks like a Pepero in the packaging.

Only a 5 new colors were launched, what is so strange, until now they always made 10 new shades. What is Etude preparing next time? Valentine's day edition with 5 additional colors?

I have a photo from a shopping mall in Seoul, showing all 5 new colors. I've got only 3 because I don't use brown and red much. So you can at least check how they look like in real! ^^ Etude House store looks so magical during winter. I wish I could buy all the items from this limited collection, but I am so broke  :D all items are so cute, but I decided to buy only a Play Pencil Sticks.

How does it look like?

Packing was changed completely, I kinda like it, but I had problems to open it (good old paper boxes!). If they made all 5 shades into one big pepero packing, it would be much more interesting, but it's just my idea.

Compare old and Snowy Dessert Play 101 Pencils

Color shade is not included on sharpener (they put pencil's shade on the lining) and pencil number was moved to the main body part. Pencil shape is the same, only with different base color, dark brown.

About the colors

71 - this pink is beautiful, might look girlish, but the pigmentation is mixed and shine has additional color!
72 - brown with shimmering. This brown might look a little bit boring, but I think it might look great as a eyeshadow.
73 - I have high expectations of this warm gold color, I was looking for a replacement for my eye tint!

Colors look very sweet indeed. From my 3 shades, I like pink the most (71), because of it's unique shine. The expectation of light brown (72) was a little bit different, but I think mixing it with gold (73) will have a good result! ^^

Design: 4/5 I don't like changed number position and shade, because it is harder to orient in my huge collection.
Promised effect: 5/5 any complaints.
Price: 4/5 from 5-10 USD.

Buying again? Limited edition.

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  1. I have no idea how they come up with such a cute product designs! OMG....I LOVE these. The whole line is amazing. I regret that time when I was in Korea and walked pass these pencils last year! Like...hundreds of times!

    So happy to find you here on blogger! Following immediately!)))
    You're always welcome in my blog!
    Let's stay in touch!

    1. This limited edition is super cute! But I like old design as well. Sorry to hear that, I was testing Play 101 Pencils every time I have a chance in their store! haha

      You have a beautiful blog too, followed you already ♥
      Have a nice day~


    2. <3

      Waiting for your next post! I miss Korea so much T_T

    3. I know how you feel, me too T-T I love Etude House stores ♥

      See you soon ;)

  2. OMG....the packaging is so cute. Been thinking about getting these for a while. Maybe I should :)

    Payanie // tumblr // Newly established K-beauty blog

    1. Payanie, I am recommending pink (71) for its rare color. Have a nice day ♥

      Nana ^^


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