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UPDATED: BBIA Last Lipstick Velvet Matte Red Series Review

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I will be super busy soon, as I am signing to more and more part-time jobs. I kind of feel like Park Shinhye in "Heirs" as I do more working than studying now. BUT, I am still not satisfied with my amount of my cosmetics yet (my boyfriend thinks I have enough stuff, I disagree :D), because I need money to expand my humble collection~☆。゚+.(人-ω◕ฺ)゚+.゚~

's stop talking and let's do review, I've got 2 lovely lipsticks from BBIA~


Last lipstick came in 2 different series: RED SERIES and RED SERIES 2 - in the green coat. As you can see, I have one from each series. You might be surprised, but the main propagator of BBIA lipsticks is Suzy! Suzy is wearing this lipstick almost at every photo shoot which she is doing for many kinds of magazines.  

The surprising fact is the shape of the lipstick, as it comes in a precise block, as well as the package. I have to mention that it was difficult to take lipstick out of the box because size and shape of package and lipstick is almost the same.

 #04 Intelligent

I was 100% sure about buying this shade, if you haven't seen Suzy's Hanbok photo shoots yet, you have to do it. NOW. I saw it a few months ago, while my laptop was broken, and I fell in love. However, at that time, I couldn't even guess that she was promoting this lipstick. Usually, during magazine photo shoot, cosmetics of makeup artists is used, with exception of doing photo shoots for the exact cosmetic brand.

#09 Captivating

Purple was new red last year and everyone have got a one or two purple lipsticks. In my opinion, this "dirty red" looks even better and suitable for more occasions than purple. It looks hot, mysterious and can be combined with many styles of fashion.

About the colors

Pigmentation is pretty good already with first layer. Suitable for tint as well. 
This lipstick is having 2 stages of wearing:

1st stage was like wearing casual lipstick, you can still easily remove part of lipstick by accident from your lips.
2nd stage comes about 20~30 mins after applying and is similar to a tattoo. Finish look is matte and looks soft. Lipstick lasted for about 5 hours with me and trust me, it was not soft "walking trough the flower garden-like" testing. :D

I was testing endurance of pigmentation and lipstick always failed when I was eating oily foods. So if you want your lips to have long lasting effect, try to don't eat oily foods.

In the picture below, you can see the 1st stage of applying. ^^

Interesting note

At the bottom of package is a little surprise. I am not sure whenever is this code working or not, has anyone tried? I was wondering why I never noticed as trendy brand as BBIA, answer came back very quickly not long time a ago. BBIA licensed their new logo only in 2015 and I knew them long time ago, I was just not interested in it at all, because it was looking too cheap (metaphor). Changing logo was the best thing they did, I think... How do you like it?

Official preview:


I am very pleased with the lipsticks. I was so pleased, that I bought new two shades. Surprisingly, this is the most popular review of all the time! wau, thank you for visiting my blog ~~~

Testing the colors, all together:

Number 2 I wasn't sure about buying this one, but it turned to be my 2nd the most favorite shade! This bright pink is VERY vivid, but perfect for innocent tint look!
Points: 5/5

Number 4 I can't stop using it, looks so natural, yet noticeable shade.
Points: 5/5

Number 7 I was so in love with this, but while using this shade seems a bit coral or orange like pink. And also, color pigmentation is too strong. It's literary lighting, yes! Using as a tint? Lighting as well :'D
Points: 3/5
Number 9 Fall is here, can't wait for using it. Shade looks vampiric while used as a tint. But light apply looks very nice~
Points: 5/5


Design: 4/5
good to store (at the regular place, this block design prevents from falling from shelves), but bad to travel with (if you own a pouch with certain space for lipsticks only for round shape as I do). 
Promised Effect: 5/5 comparing to matte lipstick from Dreaming Swan Value Kit from Etude House, which I named lips-dryer, BBIA is like a gift from the heavens. I like matte finish look a lot and lipstick looks natural used as tint or for full lips <3 
Price: 5/5 not too overpriced compared to other brands.
Buying again? 5/5 Definitely.

What do you think about it? Would you buy it? Thank you for reading.

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  1. haha I got my mum to watched Heirs and she just finished it a few days ago! XD
    ohh! I had no idea the BBIA lipsticks were endorsed by Suzy!
    Does the it leave your lips dry after a while?
    It's pretty cool how it has "2 stages" - I really like the colour of #09 (although I don't think I'm bold enough to wear it ><)
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || Innisfree Skin Care Review

    1. Your mom was watching it too? Incredible~ My mom doesn't really enjoy love drama. T-T
      I wouldn't say, that this lipstick is drying my lips. Or I can't really experience it, at least.
      I am sure, color #09 would suit you, especially for some business or vintage look <3
      Have a nice day~
      Nana ^^


  2. Shade 09 is very privlekatelnyy.Ya follow you through the GFC will be friends ?

  3. I got mine in a shade provocative. Unfortunately, it does feels a bit drying on the lips.

    1. Hello, I am sorry to hear that. I use BBIA lipstick often but I don't really experience it. Maybe try to use lip balm as an under layer to avoid dryness. I hope, it will help.

      Have a nice day~

  4. May I know is this originated from Korea??

    1. BBIA is Korean brand and all the BBIA products are also made in Korea :)

      Have a nice day~

  5. Hi, does the lipstick last long on the lips?

    1. It's matte - dry lipstick, I it lasts longer than typical gloss lipsticks. But it doesn't have special tattoo like abilities (like I mentioned in lip balm review from Holika Holika) BBIA lipstick stays nice on the lips about 4 hours minimum and then it depends on what you do during the day :)

      You can always ask if you have more questions. Have a nice day~


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