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Etude House - Play Color Eyes Juice Bar Review

Hello, everyone!

Valentine's day is approaching in few hours and I've got a beautiful present from my boyfriend, already! I know, it's little bit earlier, but this gift is very exciting, so I am sharing it with you~ 

Juice Bar eyeshadows are fresh and came out with a new sweet line "Berry Delicious" (but it's not part of this line). Eyeshadows became a quickly best-selling item on Etude House Korean website of last week (this week number one is In the cafe eyeshadows - once again).

How does item look like?

The design of item similar in shape with "In the cafe", promotional material of Juice Bar was maybe better, however, I just can't stop comparing it. The design of In the cafe was much more detailed, luxury eco-looking with much more details. This design is pretty simple.
I would like to mention, that you can buy 7 colors, whose are included in this palette as "single shadows". The palette contains totally 10 shades, but only 3 are new. If you have some single shadows, there is a little possibility, that you can have some of the colors already.

About the Colors

A few types of shade textures are included. Some are highly pigmented, some of them are not. Names of the colors came in Korean, again. Nobody did the official translation. Do you know, why they didn't include little illustrations? Because you should read my translation first :D

My translation of Juice Bar palette:

로우 카카오 NEW - Raw Kakao (Cocoa) 
생자몽 타르트 - Tart of Fresh Grapefruit 
말랑 복숭아 NEW - Soft Peach 
오렌지필 - Orange Peel 
머슬 마니아 - Muscle Mania 
오렌지 비앙코 NEW - Orange Bianco 
피버 오렌지 - Orange Fever
키싱미 키싱구라미 - Kissing me Kissing Gourami 
새로운 레시피 - New Recipes

향초켜고 거품목욕 - Lighting up a candle and having a Bubble Bath

I would like to mention, that it's almost impossible to make little illustrations for those names. My favorite is Kissing me Kissing Gourami, because Kissing Gouarmi is a fish. So the name is like "Fish is kissing me". The worth of mentioning is also Muscle Mania. How do you like it? :D


I love Raw Kakao, for its dark color and it works great with Tart of Fresh Grapefruit and Soft Peach for blending it all together. You might notice weakly pigmented colors, at first sight, I think. I love Orange Fever and Orange Bianco colors. It's something new, what is not included in usually pink oriented Etude House products. If you are glitter girl, you will like Muscle Mania, however, this shade is crumbling, a lot.

Just like In the Café Palette, I tested this palette's ingredients in Skincarisma's analyzer too. This palette is not having any high risk, so you don't have to worry. But the ingredients list is very long, you can read more in Skincarisma's full ingredient list of Juice Bar Palette.

Official Etude preview:


Design: 3/5 I forgot to mention, that it's difficult to open the palette (type: break your nail or use a credit card) and design is kind of more empty. I would like to mention that  Bohemian Soul, Cherry Truffle or In the Cafe, had much better ideas for design, this is step back for me.
Promised Effect: 5/5 Let's not mix purpose with look judgment, palette itself is pretty organized with color shades. I think colors are very beautiful~

Price: 4/5 Price is wide. From 20-40 USD. Check most of the sellers ;)

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Girls (or boys who are looking for gift inspiration), I wish you lovely Valentine's day ♥


  1. You made beautiful photos of beautiful item :)

    1. I am very glad, if you like my photos~ To tell the truth, my camera is covered (dirty) from many cosmetics and now it's covered by oranges as well. kkk

      Have a nice day~
      Nana ^^

  2. I think they are a bit overpriced for just medium quality.. It's possible to get theBalm or toofaced pallets for the price T_T

    1. I know what are you talking about. T_T Sometimes, you just have to hold tears when you are buying some pieces of cosmetics.

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