Saturday, February 6, 2016

Innisfree Canola Honey Series part 2 - Serum which does magic review

How are you, everyone? Today I prepared part 2 of Canola Honey Series reviews! 

To be honest, I had Canola Honey trial kit, which I wanted to review for you too, and I wanted to give a terrible review to Serum because it seemed useless. But It decided to try it, at least. And I realized that it works. I worked that well, that I've bought 2 bottles of this serum. :D Alright, let's stop with story background and let's do the review!

How does it look like?

Item reminds Canola Honey design as other products from the line. The new remarkable point is dispenser. And surprising is also size. I was suspecting it to be a little bit bigger because mist it about 3 cm taller.

The size of serum is 50 ml, which is average. The sample was 10 ml and it was without a dispenser. I think the sample was pretty huge, for being just sample! But in the sample, I couldn't recognize honey smell as I clearly noticed in original size product.

Promised effect

Innisfree promises serum containing a hydrating formula with Jeju Canola Honey and Canola Honey oil forms which deeply replenishes your skin with moisture. This time, we didn't get exact percentage of real honey inside. :D


Orange-gel like liquid with the honey smell. Gives softness and deep moisturizing even for dryest skin like mine. I realized huge improvement in my pore acne scars! I highly recommend to use it with Canola Honey cream for a perfect result!

Note: You should use a serum before cream.

I checked this product with SKINCARISMA again. I really like that website. Skincarisma analyze of Canola Honey Serum says there is a risk for a sensitive, oily and dry skin. Maybe because this item contains also alcohol. But for some strange reason I didn't have any scary side effect, actually, it helps a lot my dry and oily and sensitive skin. It might be a little bit risky to buy if you are worried about alcohol. You might want to see full ingredients list with an explanation here.


Design: 5/5 Casual, Innisfree-like, chic!
Promised effect: 5/5 This product is great for cold dry winter days but also for people with dry skin and combo skin oil/dryness. Does impressive deep moisturize ♥ 
Price: 4/5 Well, sadly you can find this product from 20USD to 30USD, check for some sale~
Buying again? 5/5 I've got 2nd bottle already!

Missed part 1?

I hope you enjoyed this review, I will bring update with my pore scars fight. How is your serum? Would you exchange it with this one? I wish you a great week and don't forget to check my blog for a new updates from Calnola Honey Series ^^

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  1. wow!! I wasn't expecting this serum to be this good!! I've only been using their lip balm from this line (which I do love) :)
    Thank you for the lovely review! I'll be sure to share this with my friends <3
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || Etude House Big Cover Cushion Concealer & Concealer BB Review

    1. I wanted to buy Canola lip balm too, but I missed big Innisfree sale! Yes, this line is wonderful ^^
      I am glad, if you like my review ♥

      Have a nice day! ^^

  2. Such a huge sample!
    I love innisfree for being one of the best skincare brands out there!
    Definitely going to try this series out! <3

    1. Yes, I still didn't that finish sample :D
      Innisfree is my fave, too. They don't test on animals and they are free of chemicals. ♥

      Have a nice day ^^

  3. Looks interesting! Thanks for the review! :)
    Love, Christina


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