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Innisfree Eco Nail Color 127 북극여우의 입김 review

Hello, girls~

Today, I made a review about a very lovely nail polish, which might look not so useful, but I will make you sure, that it's super lovely and usable for all occasions! I didn't really know how to style this product. In the end, I decided to take photos in the sparking background and I also added some special graphics effects. This shade used in this review will be number 127 (북극여우의 입김).

How does it look like?

Seems like ordinary nail polish, with the lightly glued ecologic description which fell off, :D, and I am not so happy about it! The description is also used as safety mark so you can know if someone opened it before or not. Over the bottle, you can notice Innisfree logo. It's a very nice detail and also it's matching the lid of the bottle. This design looks very artistic, in my opinion ;)

What is inside?

Inside is sheer liquid nail polish with 3 different colors (black-matte, white-matte, and orange with shine) of 4 different shapes (line, circle, square and hexagon). Different sizes, some are bigger and some more are very tiny. It might look a little bit messy and you can create unique designs on your nails. Each nail will be completely different. It will be kind of random art? 

BTW, it looks like 101 dalmatians movie inspired nail polish :D


Looks wonderful and elegant on pastel color base ♥ I am not sure about using the black or white base as the dots have that colors. You know, black dots on black nail polish or white dots on white nail polish.
I tried orange/pink base this time and I was nicely surprised again. Sometimes you don't even need a top coat because of sheer liquid inside, but you need peel off base, to remove it without problems. So how do you like color combination? What color could suit this nail polish as a base? Do you prefer abstract nail polishes or concrete (animals, flowers...) inside of nail polish? :)) 

Note: Its name is 북극여우의 입김, what can be translated as "Breath of Arctic Fox". But for me, it will stay as 101 dalmatians movie inspired nail polish :D

Please don't forget to wait enough time until you will dry your base coat. Also, very important is to wait enough time to dry this nail polish too.


Design: 4/5
one point down for not glued description. Sorry.
Promised effect: 5/5 it does its job nicely done! ^^
Price: 3/5 starting on 5 USD to 10 USD, what is a lot, depending on where are you buying.
Buying again? 4/5 Maybe I will not repurchase exactly the same color because Innisfree has more wonderful nail polishes!

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  1. This a great nail polish because it's so versatile, I think you can use that over any shade! Looks like abstract art ^_^ Lovely review xx
    ~Weng wengiful

    1. Thank you very much, Weng. Yes, it looks like abstract art! I like, that every time, it looks different~

      Have a nice day! ^^

  2. I wouldn't buy it in the shop, but on your nails it looks fabulous! ♥

    1. Hahaha you are right, it doesn't have any hearts or bunnies inside - which could attach customers, but after applying, it gets its own soul~

      Thank you for commenting, have a nice day ^^


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