Sunday, March 20, 2016

Strawberry Nails Tutorial for Spring

Hello, my dear readers ♥

Spring is approaching and trees are starting blooming slowly. So ugly empty streets will turn into streets full of petals and you will take out your spring wardrobe and you all will become queens of streets! 
This is why we will welcome this lovely spring with a new nail design! ^^ For today I prepared Strawberry Nails Tutorial. Because strawberries are so cute, lovely and chewy. And this blog is Ddalgi (strawberry) itself, so this is my duty to make this tutorial. And why to not wear strawberries on your nails? I think it will be super stylish and not childish! Everyone will want to have nails like you will have.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral Any Cushion Haul and Review

Welcome back, my dear readers <3

As I was about to post EH Juice Bar Haul when I realized... I forgot to post review of my beloved Any Cushion from Etude House~

I was very skeptical about buying Any Cushion. To be sure, which one to choose, I came to Etude House every day and tested each Any Cushion on half of my face. Results? I had 3 Cushions in my final round: 

1. Precious Mineral Any Cushion Light Pearl Aura (includes pearl brightener),
2. Precious Mineral Any Cushion Magic Mint (perfect for covering face redness),
3. Moistfull Collagen Foundation (which is not really cushion anyway :D)

However, I liked results of 3. Collagen Foundation the most, it was super heavy on my face and I couldn't stand using it for a long time. 2. Magic tint, greenish cushion had great results and using it was very comfortable. Unfortunately, my face looked like the ghost. It didn't cover just my redness, but also a natural color of my face. All my experience made sure, to buy 1. Light Pearl Aura~


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