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ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral Any Cushion Haul and Review

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As I was about to post EH Juice Bar Haul when I realized... I forgot to post review of my beloved Any Cushion from Etude House~

I was very skeptical about buying Any Cushion. To be sure, which one to choose, I came to Etude House every day and tested each Any Cushion on half of my face. Results? I had 3 Cushions in my final round: 

1. Precious Mineral Any Cushion Light Pearl Aura (includes pearl brightener),
2. Precious Mineral Any Cushion Magic Mint (perfect for covering face redness),
3. Moistfull Collagen Foundation (which is not really cushion anyway :D)

However, I liked results of 3. Collagen Foundation the most, it was super heavy on my face and I couldn't stand using it for a long time. 2. Magic tint, greenish cushion had great results and using it was very comfortable. Unfortunately, my face looked like the ghost. It didn't cover just my redness, but also a natural color of my face. All my experience made sure, to buy 1. Light Pearl Aura~


"This flawless cushion foundation with Pearl Brightener creates pearly aura skin with its full coverage and glowing effect."

Item comes in the paper box. Contains mirror, 
removable foundation and puff (blue, but you can buy pink one separately ^^) . Yes! If your item is not too dirty, you can buy just cushion refill, which is much cheaper than buying the whole cushion again.

About the colors

I have Light Beige, but I've got a sample of Natural Beige. You can compare shades, in the pictures below. Light Beige is blending into my skin perfectly however, limited edition kit with special puff was sold out in my color and shop lady wanted to make me super happy with Natural Beige limited edition kit, I had to refuse it and get a normal one. But I am happy with my purchase. ^^

Click to get bigger preview

I even received a gift, decoration kit for my Any Cushion. I had a little drama in Gangnam store, when Shop assistant tried to persuade me, that decoration kit event never existed. However, posters in other shops around Seoul were saying something different. So we went to another shop (and had to transfer subway twice :D) to get decoration kit. Summary: don't give up! 

Possible problems:

I am finishing my Any Cushion and not much foundation lasted. Pearl Aura dots are more invisible than visible and all the foundation is on the edges of sponge. In order to to get something on your puff, you have to press the middle of your puff the edge of cushion sponge. Then dirt comes not only to Cushion body but also to the puff top. NOTE: I kept this in my house and I was trying to use it carefully. 


You will definitely need some base to cover pores because Any Cushion is just a surface coverage. It will skip your pores and only big uncovered holes will stay un-reached by sponge puff.

But I am happy with results. I need to use lots of "blur my face" and then I usually apply Any Cushion. My face looks like Bingbing, Chinese actress! ♥ 

Picture from the web

I used Any Cushion also in my video for article 5 facts which you didn't know about Korean cosmetics you can hit the link, if you are interested how does my Bingbing result looks like. :D


Design 4/5 One point down for dirt on my Any Cushion. 

Promised effect 4/5 One point down for uncovering my pores.

Price 5/5 I almost cried when I saw other prices from different brands. Price is still not so bad, I think. Up to 20 USD, usually about 14 USD.
Buying again? 5/5 I am thinking about ordering a new refill in a few days ^^

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Do you have any Cushion Foundation? How do you like it? If not, would you like to buy it? Have a nice day~
Nana ^^

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