Friday, April 29, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack - Strawberry Review

Hello, beauties!~

Some of you saw my first cosmetic wishlist where I mentioned a sleeping pack from ETUDE HOUSE. It was just a wishlist, but my bank account had still some money left... not zero yet, so I started buying things from my wishlist. :'D

How does it look like?

Item comes in a paper package and plastic container. The package is cute as well as a plastic container. Jelly sleeping pack includes real bubbles similar to original bubble tea. 

Other types

This item comes in 3 different flavours:
 Green Tea Black Tea Strawberry 
(secret photo from Etude House)

Promised effect

"The bubble tea sleeping pack makes skin clear and full of vitality overnight with the mixture of strawberry gel and moisture capsule bubble." Etude is also promising moisture and brightening. The item itself has a beautiful strawberry scent. 

This bubble looks so strange :D

Sleeping pack might be temporary sticky after applying. And for me it's kind of weak moisturize as I am level "extreme" dryness type. I used this item also  to my damaged skin (accidentally) and I had a painful reaction. 
I found this website http://www.cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_e576228118.html where is described the list of ingredients. You can see, alcohol has not pretty numbers in irritation value, at all.


Design 4/5 I find it difficult to open the container while the spoon attached. You have to remove the spoon, put it somewhere and open the product. But it looks super cute ^^
Promised effect 3/5 One point down for Alcohol in the ingredients which might irritate your damaged skin. Another one down for stickiness when you use too much of the product and the weak moisturise.
Price 5/5 11.000 KRW is about 10 USD. We can still consider it as not that expensive.
Buying again? It looks super cute, but I had more impressing sleeping pack :)

I bought this item more like because of curiosity. What do you think about it? Have you ever try Bubble tea? Thank you for reading~

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Nana ^^

Friday, April 22, 2016

Skin Like a Baby? Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Essence Review

Hello, everyone!

Today I am introducing you my new essence from Innisfree. Green plants are everywhere now, so I went outside to take photos for you~ Happy Earth Day, by the way ♥

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spring 2016 Cosmetics Wishlist

Hello, my ladies!

For today, I decided to try to make my first Cosmetic Wishlist! I am blogging for a year now and I haven't done this before. I hope you will like my wishlist ♥ I am not really sure how to do that by here it is!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Tutorial: Like from the Magazine Look featuring EH Juice Bar Eyeshadows!

Hello, my dear ddalgies! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

How are you doing everyone? This year is passing so quickly! How is it possible? But blogging is so fun! I am creating new and new reviews and working on new tutorials. So I hope will like this post ♥ I was working very hard. 

I am super happy to posting this tutorial! I was about to abandon this post, but today I've got a new strength and I just finished it, so I really hope you will like it~

How did I get this idea? A few weeks ago, I saw a beautiful yellow T-shirt, kind of blouse in Koton (my favorite shop ever, it's from Istanbul). I fell in love and for 10 dollars this shirt/blouse was more than likely welcomed in my wardrobe. This entire tutorial is to fit my new blouse. ♥ This yellow shade was so lovely and there is a beautiful detail made of gems there. It was a love at first sight! Inspiration is everywhere :D

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The SAEM Urban Eco Harakeke Firming Seed Oil review

Oily skin? Dry skin? Dry and oily skin combo? Do you also experience huge pores? I have combo skin with T-zone. Usually, there is no choice in cosmetics products. You can choose only between a product from the line for curing your pores, but it will leave your skin dry. Or you can try to cure your dryness however, your skin will get just more oily. Ladies and girls, I would like to introduce to you, my savior Urban Eco Harakeke Firming Seed Oil.


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