Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spring 2016 Cosmetics Wishlist

Hello, my ladies!

For today, I decided to try to make my first Cosmetic Wishlist! I am blogging for a year now and I haven't done this before. I hope you will like my wishlist ♥ I am not really sure how to do that by here it is!

1. MISSHA Matte Lip Rouge - Bloody Wine   [MRD03 블러디와인]

Have you grown you vamp teeth? This shade is eye-catching for its rarity. Look at that dark color but yet, it's still so clean so it won't look cheap~ Official Missha website I love burgundy. Burgundy is a magical color, not red or purple, it's a magical combination of before warm tone into a cold one. I really wish I could wear it~

Summary: classy dark and fresh clean pink-purple shade ♥

2. MISSHA Matte Lip Rouge - Maple Latte [MBR01 메이플라떼]
If I mentioned Bloody Wine shade, I have to mention also Maple Latte. This shade is suitable for casual wear. Look at that lovely old pink! It's a little bit similar for my BBIA 04 Lipstick, but I think this MISSHA lipstick is pinkier. Official Missha website This color is just so cute and adorable. It's like wearing a love. Or wearing the cuteness ♥

Summary: lipstick for everyday usage!

3. ETUDE HOUSE - Berry Delicious Collection # Strawberry Fondue

This lovely eyeshadow palette comes in strawberry inspired shades. I have already 11 Etude House palettes. However, this one is super cute. ♥ It's still in affordable price even for the university student. And my blog is ddalgi and this palette's name is ddalgi bungdyu ♥ And one more note: This shade is Krystal's Pick. So it means Krystal (from Fx band) loves it!

Summary: not that expensive and lovely strawberry shades included~

4. ETUDE HOUSE - Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack #Strawberry

This is a new super hot item! Strawberry Sleeping Pack inspired by Bubble tea! Do you like Bubble tea? I used to be addicted to drinking it. Can be something cuter than this? Check the pictures below~ "The bubble tea sleeping pack makes skin moisturized and elastic during the night with its compound of black tea gel and moisture capsule bubbles." There is a special discount for all 3 kinds of Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack for 19.80 USD! One is for 13.20 USD.

Summary: 90% buying possibility because of design ♥

5. BIODERMA  Sensibio Forte Cream

Recently, my face redness got worse. The only cosmetic brand which was doing face redness research is BIODERMA. Their official website is providing all information about their lines. I think, they have 3 types of creams for face redness.

Summary: redness problem? Check their website :)

How do you like my wishlist? Would you buy anything? Do you like my items? Have a nice day :)

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You ddalgi Nana~


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    xx Veronica
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    1. I love your last post ♥ following you ^^

  2. Love your wishlist especially MISSHA Matte Lipstick it looks really nice!!!

    Emmi - justemzs.blogspot.com

    1. I am glad if you like it ♥

      Have a nice day~

  3. Amazing post, dear! :) Do you want to follow each other? If yes, please follow me with GFC and Google, instagram, write a comment
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  4. Great wishlist. Loving the first lipstick shade so much.

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