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The SAEM Urban Eco Harakeke Firming Seed Oil review

Oily skin? Dry skin? Dry and oily skin combo? Do you also experience huge pores? I have combo skin with T-zone. Usually, there is no choice in cosmetics products. You can choose only between a product from the line for curing your pores, but it will leave your skin dry. Or you can try to cure your dryness however, your skin will get just more oily. Ladies and girls, I would like to introduce to you, my savior Urban Eco Harakeke Firming Seed Oil.


This oil is made of Harakeke seeds from New Zealand and it's highly enriched oil with nourishment. It's great for skin elasticity and hydration. They wrote to use it at the last stage of the skincare routine, but I disagree and I think, you should use it after toner and before the serum.

How does it look like?

Item comes in a recycled paper package with a small English description. The item itself has a very good design, drops are easily moved from the container. I also like "fake wood texture" on its top. The container is made of glass (body) and the top is made of rubber. Glass body has intense orangish color and it makes a beautiful light play when it meets the sun.



The Saem is not interested in global selling, yet. In their stores, you can find sometimes shop assistants who can speak English, but they usually can't. But if you speak Korean, they can be very generous to you even if you don't buy anything from them.


All my sweet talk had to sound suspicious. You are right. This perfect oil has one huge con, Perfume. T^T It looks so wonderful, the eco package and everything including official preview, it looks so natural... But people with sensitive skin got some allergy reaction, including me.

This oil has a beautiful scent (maybe because of that evil perfume inside). My recent oils, including this one, had a specific feeling after use. I could call it "dry oil texture", which is un-oiling your skin. I had a dry-oily T-zone skin combo and after using this product, my oiliness improved a lot. After a long busy day, I didn't have a feeling of "shiny face". People with oily face know this problem well. 

As you know, I started to use Innisfree Canola Honey Serum, which helped my pores and extreme dryness of my face. This oil works perfectly with rich serum moisturizer BUT this serum causes minor skin irritation. I've got some red spots on my cheeks, BUT again I have to mention that my pore scars under the red spots have disappeared (is it a bad or good thing to happen?). I kinda like the superpower of this oil to un-oil and hydrate my skin, but I hate the skin irritation, it doesn't hurt or anything it's just difficult to cover it.

HOT UPDATE: I checked ingredients with SKINCARISMA and it looks like my skin irritation wasn't because of Perfume. There was a warning for a sensitive skin. Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Oil is marked as very bad for the sensitive skin. However there are many good ingredients, you need only one evil one and you will get a bad reaction on your skin. You can check full ingredients listings on Skincarisma.

Official preview (only in Korean, you can look at the pictures, at least) :


Design 5/5 I love this design! ♥

Promised effect 3/5 One point down for perfume and one more down for skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin, don't ever think about buying this item. However, this product really works and I can recommend this item to people who have oiliness or dryness problem.

Price 4/5 This oil is cheaper than Innisfree oils and right now is a huge discount in Korea on this item. From 26,000원 to 18,200원! (normally it's about 24 USD)

Buying again? 3/5 I like this oil very much, but I will try to look for oil which will not cause me skin irritation. (Or I will just wait for a version without perfume).

How do you like it? I haven't been using oil until now and I am regretting it. What about you? ^^

Thank you for reading.

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