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Tutorial: Like from the Magazine Look featuring EH Juice Bar Eyeshadows!

Hello, my dear ddalgies! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

How are you doing everyone? This year is passing so quickly! How is it possible? But blogging is so fun! I am creating new and new reviews and working on new tutorials. So I hope will like this post ♥ I was working very hard. 

I am super happy to posting this tutorial! I was about to abandon this post, but today I've got a new strength and I just finished it, so I really hope you will like it~

How did I get this idea? A few weeks ago, I saw a beautiful yellow T-shirt, kind of blouse in Koton (my favorite shop ever, it's from Istanbul). I fell in love and for 10 dollars this shirt/blouse was more than likely welcomed in my wardrobe. This entire tutorial is to fit my new blouse. ♥ This yellow shade was so lovely and there is a beautiful detail made of gems there. It was a love at first sight! Inspiration is everywhere :D

What will we need?

This tutorial is easy, you can switch almost any of item mentioned in the picture below, which I used in this tutorial. Only Juice Bar Eyeshadows palette is required. 

1. ETUDE HOUSE - Blur my face (BASE)


Before starting, I will give you some help. I will repost review picture for you so you will be able to recognize which color is which. (Palette is in Korean :D)

We are using first three and last shade. ;)


Slovenská verzia:

Postupujte podľa obrázkového návodu, tento text je len preklad!

1. Na krajnú pólku oka nanesieme odtieň Tart of Fresh Grapefruit.
2. Následne sa budeme snažiť naniesť odtieň Soft Peach a zmiešať ho do plynulého prechodu.
3. Ako očnú linku nanesieme odtieň Raw Kakao.
4. Linku podporíme ceruzkou Play Pencil #48.
5. Pod oko použijeme odtieň Lighting up Candle.
A to je všetko! :)

Ako sa Vám páčil môj tutoriál? Tento tutoriál bol inšpirovaný nákupom môjho žltého trička, ktoré mi vnuklo nápad na tutoriál na oči s paletou Juice Bar. Téma je Look ako z magazínu. Alebo: je to tak dobré, že s tým môžete ísť aj do časopisu. Samozrejme, že budute potrebovať paletku, no môže to poslúžiť len ako inšpirácia? Ak máte akúkoľvek otázku, prosím komentujte pod tento článok ;) Pekný deň Vám praje Nana.

I am wishing a lovely day to everyone! I hope you like my tutorial~ For any questions or help you can use comment box down below! ♥

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  1. I really like this tutorial, the palette looks really good for the spring and summer. Great blog!!

    Emmi - justemzs.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you Emmi. Yes, I love to use fresh colors for spring and summer! You have a beautiful blog too ♥

      Have a nice day~
      Nana ^^

  2. grapefruit color eyeshadow <3 <3 awww i want.. will be on my bucket wishlist !
    love the eyemake :))


    1. Wow, I am glad if you like it ♥ Thank you for stopping by my blog~

      Have a nice day ^^

  3. Such an interesting post dear! Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

    1. Thank you! ^^ Have a lovely weekend too ~

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    1. You have a new follower! I am waiting for new posts ;)

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    1. Thank you very much for your kind words :) Following you!

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