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ETUDE HOUSE Strawberry Fondue Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hello, my dear readers!
I am well-known eyeshadow lover but my collection is getting kind of too big. Whatever, I am young only once. I love this palette and I was hesitating for about 2 months. But now I can proudly show you my review and tutorial!


About 2-3 months ago I tried to win it in Korean Etude Bingo event... but I didn't win. :/ But I would like to thank Charrmyn. She is kind of responsible for my interest in buying this palette. She made a review about these eyeshadows about one month ago. I fell in love with it and now I am writing review about it as well :D


This item is from "Berry Delicious" Collection. 2 eyeshadow palettes were included. When I decided to buy Strawberry Fondue, it was mostly sold out. Strawberry Fondue is Krystal's pick, by the way, maybe that's why it was sold out while I was still hesitating!

About the Colors

This palette includes 6 shadows: 
Hazelnut Chocolate - pinkish brown similar to brown in Cherry Blossom Palette, I think. (Matte)
Berry Milk Chocolate - this shade is very light, pigmentation is the weakest in this shade and color is probably between pink and peach. (Matte)
Sugary Butter - I might be paranoid, but it looks similar to white shimmer in Cherry Blossom Palette again. :D (Serious Glitters)
Cheese Berry - this pink is very nice and thumbs up for strong pigmentation! (Microscopic shimmers)
Fresh Strawberry - most interesting shade for me! (Shimmer)
Dip! Dip! - Dip! Dip! is color surprise. Color is much more lighter than it seems. (Microscopic shimmers)

Author's note: Should I do some comparison about similar shades in EH palettes? Please readers, answer me in the comment section :D 


Design 5/5 design is very nice!
Promised Effect 5/5 there is no problem with the palette. Everything works as it should.
Price 4/5 not bad, but I had cheaper eyeshadows. And I have also feeling that EH is repeating some shades or they are very similar.
Buying again? Limited edition.

Zhrnutie (Slovensky):

I keď som paletu v Binge evente nevyhrala, paletu som sa i tak rozhodla kúpiť.  Z tejto kolekcie vyšli dve palety. Jedna (táto) bola do ružova a druhá bola mix farieb s jendým zeleným odtieňom. Vyššie môžete vidieť obrázok priamo z obchodu E H, kde je k dispozícií už len paleta so zeleným tónom. Našťastie existuje online obchod. Mám už obrovskú zbierku paliet od Etude House, no mám slabosť pre ružovú a pre jahody (tento blog je "Jahoda Nana krása"). Kúpu tejto palety určite neľutujem.

Promissed tutorial from my instagram in a few hours!  Tutorial is available here~ ddalginanabeauty.blogspot.com/2016/05/strawberry-date-tutorial-etude-house.html

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