Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Strawberry Date Tutorial (ETUDE HOUSE)

Hello, everyone! ♥

How are you doing? I hope everything is fine ♥ Do you feel the sun? I do. Amazing what a little bit of temperature rise can do with a human's (my) mood. Promises must be kept, that's why I am bringing you this sweet Strawberry Date Tutorial! This tutorial is based on Strawberry Fondue eyeshadow palette from Etude House. (review here)

I guess you will need a palette for this tutorial, but let's say, that this might be an inspiration for you? Also, you can exchange any of the items, but I am posting them as some of you might want to know what items I used in this tutorial. You know, I personally hate, when I see a blogger doing a tutorial and they don't list items which they used. So I am trying to be blogger like I would like to follow. Does it make a sense? :D

What do we need?

1. Base foundation (Blur My Face)

2. Cushion foundation (Precious Mineral Any Cushion)
3. Strawberry Fondue eyeshadow palette
4. Lip tint (Rosy Tint Lips 02)
5. Eye Pencil (Play 101 Pencil)
6. Mascara (Curl Fix Mascara)


This tutorial is super quick and also it's very easy. Eyes itself look very cute and it's suitable for everyday wear or very sweet date look ♥ I used just 3 shades, so it's really super quick, suitable for a busy girl. Or all the time being a late girl too. I am non-stop in hurry and always late. Yes, this is tutorial by me and for me :D

Preklad tutoriálu pre slovenských čitateľov:
(Postupujte podľa obrázkov, toto je len preklad tutoriálu)

Mnoho ľudí sa sťažovalo na absenciu slovenčiny, tak spravím i malé zhrnutie. No cítim sa tak, že viem lepšie po anglicky ako po slovensky :D Takže, toto je jednoduchý tutoriál pozostávajúci len z použitia 3 odtieňov z palety Strawberry Fondue od Etude House. Pokiaľ túto paletu nemáte, tak sa nič nedeje, tutoriál môže poslúžiť i ako inšpirácia. Pokiaľ máte záujem o kuknutie recenzie, môžete tu: (review here)

1. Začnite s odtieňom Hazelnut Chocolate
2 Zatiaľ čo sme Hazelnut Chocolate použili len na okraj oka, Berry Milk Chocolate použijeme na celé viečko.
3. S odtieňom Fresh Strawberry trochu premaľuje viečko a zasiahneme aj pod oko. (obrázok!)
4. Očnú linku namaľuje s Play Pencil.
5. A posledný krok je macara - Curl Fix.

Dúfam, že sa Vám tutoriál páčil, ak áno, dajte nejakú spätnú väzbu. Možno sa tu objaví viac slovenčiny ;)) Tak Vám prajem pekný deň!


I hope you like my tutorial. See you next time with more tutorials!

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  1. Hi dear ! thanks for the comment :)
    I had the same question too and was too worried to try it out. The trick is to fill the gaps and to make sure that there are no corners. And its very comfortable, and I always forget that its on my nail because you can't feel it :)


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  5. so pretty ,nana! the strawberry pallete so cute too <3


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