Friday, June 3, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE Dear My Wish Lips Talk PK002 Review

Hello, princesses!

I am back after passing first important exam and directly writing a review on Dear My Wish Lips Talk from Etude House! ^^


A few months ago, I participated in Etude House event and somehow I won this lipstick~ When I found this lipstick in the box, I was worried because I expected the worst shade, leftover which nobody wanted (it was an event after all) . I've got surprised as I realised, that I've got the best shade from Dear My Wish line (2014) . Ha! :D

Item comes in a cute paper package and the lipstick itself is made of a kind of glossy plastic container. It's a little bit older collection, but it can still be found in some shops.


EH is promising: "Highly moisturising lipstick with soft liquid texture." This lipstick is really highly pigmented, soft and it has a nice smell. This lipstick has also a beautiful gloss effect - I hate glossy lipsticks, but this lipstick is seriously super cute ♥

Note: look at the gloss effect!

Other shades from official preview:

Click me!


Design: 5/5 Cute!
Promised Effect: 5/5 One of the best lipsticks 
Price: 4/5 9,500 won in Korea what is about 8,00 USD, in the internet shops is price pretty similar, not in the official worldwide shop - this item is no longer offered.  
Buying again? Yes~

요약 :

디자인 : 5/5 귀여워!
효능 효과 : 5/5 베스트 립스틱중의 하나
가격 : 4/5 9,500(8,00 USD) 인터넷 쇼핑몰에 비슷한 가격으로 판매됨, 하지만 공식 홈페이지 쇼핑몰에는 없음 - 더이상 판매되지 않음
재 구매? 그럼요~

What do you think about it? Do you like glossy lipsticks? For all students: good luck with your exams! ;)

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