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ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes Ice Van - Review

Hello, girls~

How is your summer? Is it hot? I am experiencing hot days all the time. I don't blame the weather - but I need as many ice creams as possible! kkk So what is today's review about? About Ice Van - Etude House newest palette. 


I stopped counting how many palettes from Etude House I own. It's already over 10, but I am still not bored of it. This palette surprises with it's fresh and icy looking colors. Pink mixed with cool colors + darker shades = total 10 shades. The design looks great, better than previous EH palette. Package might look boring, but I love the detail of ice cream in its wall~ 

This palette is so cute, I played with photos so it looks even cuter. My concept is a melting ice cream (as this palette is about Ice Van with ice cream). Do details here look similar? They are from Etude House. It's from a special event "decorate your Any Cushion". I didn't use it as I destroyed my Any Cushion faster than I could use it :D

If you like this palette, watch my video ♥

About the colors

Some of the shades have light shimmer, some are not including shimmers at all. I included official names of the shades. Pigmentation is fair, but applying of shades is the best with your winger. There is a leftover dust after using the brush.


Goddess With an Acoustic Guitar - copper looking like shade with shimmer. (shimmer)
Fresh Grapefruit Tea - matte medium pigmented shade. (matt)
Ah! Secret - icy coffee color with microscopic shimmer.(shimmer)
Come With a Wind - glitters, a lot. (glitter)
Strawberry Jubilee - the best-pigmented shade and also color look similar to bubble tea sleeping pack - includes microscopic shimmer. (very weak shimmer)
Rose Tea - cute shade along Strawberry Jubilee, no shimmer. (matt)
Vanilla Bong Bong - real yellow shade ♥ fair pigmentation, but might become "invisible" on your skin - because of your skin tone. (matt)
Shooting Mint - would you like some ice? Contains serious glitters. (glitter)
Mom Is an Earthian - darker shade - strong pigmentation. (matt)
Finish a Marathon - is slightly darker as it may appear. Color is more reddish brown. (weak shimmer)


Design 5/5 as I mentioned above, I like this design more than Juice Bar Palette.
Promised Effect 5/5 pigmentation is great ^^
Price 4/5 not the cheapest, but worth of your money.
Buying again? limited edition.

요약 :

디자인 : 5/5 위에서 말한것처럼, 쥬스바 팔레트보다 이 디자인이 더 좋음.
효능 효과 : 5/5 색소가 훌륭함 ^^
가격 : 4/5 제일 싸지는 않지만 돈의 가치를 함.
재 구매? 한정판매.

Girls, have a nice weekend and see you soon with tutorial ♥ wishing lovely start of holiday for all the students~

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  1. i love how you take the photo,play with color background and the props . i thought its etude official photo tho! so cute <3
    i agree with you,strawberry jubilee color is the cutest !


    1. Thank you very much. I had a fun to arrange photos this time! Thank you for visiting my blog and have a nice day ^^


  2. 안녕하세요.

    리뷰 잘 봤어요. 제가 영어못해서 한글로 리뷰해주세요 ㅋㅋ

    From 나나 팬

    1. 감사합니다!
      네~ 저는 한국말로 쓸 것입니다.

      나나 ^^

  3. Yeah, I love the decorations too, where did you get them? :D

    1. You could get them for free if you bought any cushion from Etude House. You can still buy them on Ebay, I think. I hope it helps.

      Have a nice day! ^^

  4. Replies
    1. Me too! You can buy it from official seller or Ebay, if you are interested ^^

      Have a nice day ~

  5. Replies
    1. Yes, I agree! Thank you for stopping by :)

      Have a nice day~

  6. The photos are amazings. They look like they are taken out of a magazine *-*


    1. Thank you very much, I love taking photos ♥

      Have a nice day~

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