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ETUDE HOUSE I Need You, Tea Tree! Mask Sheet Review

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How is your work or summer holidays? I've been a little bit busy with my art projects, but I am thinking about you every day, my readers, every day. This time, I will introduce you a sample from Etude House store, actually, mask sample. Isn't it great? Getting masks for free? I love Korean service so much. You really always get one bag of items for free and one bag as your actual purchase.


Actually, this mask looks the same like a mask you can purchase, but the mask you can buy doesn't have a small logo in the right upper corner with saying "free gift".

I really like this green design. I like that green plus all over it with tea tree plant as it feels like it will save you. (Cross like from the hospital) And green color looks so calming :D

"This mask sheet contains extract from the clean herb, Tea Tree extract (Melaleucas Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Extract) with soothing properties on the skin to provide a fresh, clean complexion."


Mask is thin-layered one-piece type mask. Fits well to my face by its size and the mask is soaked in gel-like transparent liquid. Smell is very nice - fresh and tidy. My face felt very soft, clean, moisturized and fresh. I also experienced some improvement of my pores. My overall feeling was very good, but my face got a little bit sticky.


You can apply this mask after face cleansing and toner and remove after 10 ~ 15 minutes. Don't forget to apply leftovers to your face. 


Design 5/5 Cute and chic!
Promised Effect 5/5 I think, this mask is even more than it really promises.
Price 5/5 You might get it for free for your purchase (depends on how much you buy) in Korea, or you can simply buy it. This mask is SOLD OUT in Etude official global store, but on eBay - it's still available, also with other websites.
Buying again? 5/5 one of the best masks!


Dizaj 5/5 roztomilý a štýlový.
Sľúbený effekt 5/5 Myslím si, že maska dáva ešte viac než predajca uvádza.
Cena 5/5 tento produkt sa dá zohnať i zadarmo, alebo za tisíc wonov (70 cenotov)
Kúpim si produkt znovu? 5/5 jedna z najlepších masiek!

요약 :

디자인 : 5/5 귀엽고 세련됨!
효능 효과 : 5/5 제 생각엔 이 마스크는 약속된 것보다 더 효과가 좋음
가격 : 5/5 한국에서 얼마나 구매하는가에 따라서 무료로 얻을 수 있어요. 아니면 그냥 사도 되요. 이 마스크는 에뛰드하우스 공식 홈페이지에서 판매가 완료되었어요. 하지만, eBay나 다른
홈페이지에는 가능해요.
재 구매? 5/5 최고의 마스크 중의 하나!

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