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TAEYEON 태연 - "Why" Inspired Triangle Nail Tutorial (English, 한국어)

Hello, girls~

I have a good news, my blog passed 20.000 views yesterday!!! Congratulations! 축하합니다! Thank you very much~ And I have a good news for you as I prepared a new tutorial for you. YouTube got a new hit, Taeyeon and her music video "Why" and I am in love with that song. ♥ 
Taeyeon looks so beautiful and cute! (Taeyon form S N S D or Girl's Generations) She changed her hair color to blonde and all her music video was filmed in U.S. It suits her so much. I wish I had all her hairstyles too. It's like you want to look like Taeyon and you want to have sweet memories in the U.S. like she had. Anyway, if you were watching her video, you can notice many scenes with her nails. It's like it was calling me to make this tutorial. And she had cute tattoos on her fingers :D

What do we need?

Scissors, tape, base color nail polish (neutral), any desired color nail polish for triangles (darker is better) and top coat nail polish.

Picture tutorial:

Slovenský preklad:

Dobrá správa je, že môj blog dosiahol 20.000 vzhliadnutí! Gratulujem a ďakujem všetkým za návštevy. ♥

Tento tutoriál bude asi pre všetkých K-pop fanúšikov. Je inšpirovaný hudobným videom od Taeyon - Why. Kuknite na video link na konci tohto príspevku :) Jedná sa o to, že Taeyon mala náhrene spravené nehty. A tak som sa rozhodla inšpirovať a vytvoriť tutoriál presne na jej dizajn nehtov. 

1. Aplikujte neutrálny základ na nehty.
2. Nastrihajte si lepiacu pásku na pásiky a nezabudnite ich vystrihnúť 10.
3. Do každého pásika vystrihneme trojuholník.
4. Nalepte pásiky s vytrihnutými trojuholníkami na každý nechet a aplikujte ľubovolnú farbu laku cez vystrijnuté okienko. Ale počkajte kým všetko neuschne!!
5. Odstráňte pásku až keď ste si 100% istý, že lak zaschol.
6. Použite top coat na zakrytie nerovností a počkajte kým lak zaschne.
7. Hotovo! :)

Dúfam, že sa Vám tutoriál páčil. Pokiaľ máte otázky, neváhajte komentovať. Spravila som i video, pokiaľ by niekomu obrázkový tutoriál nebol dostatočný. :D

Vaša Nana!


1. Please try to remove the tape from the side and then from the bottom. This might help you not get stuck tape on your nail.

2. Try to get some weak tape, you can remove the base layer, accidentally. ^^;;
3. Be sure to wait enough till applying tape or next layer of the nail polish.

Video Tutorial:

Music is good in both video ♫ so hit the play button ♥ I didn't include TAEYEON song in my video because of copyright.

TAEYEON "Why" Original Music Video:

Goof luck with tutorial! Let me know how successful you were~

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  2. so easy , thanks for sharing. I am gonna try this.

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  3. Thanks for the review, very nice post!

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  4. Love it! Great post dear :-*


  5. i'm definitely giving this a try! have really short nails but i hope they'll look nice :<


    1. Good luck with the tutorial, I think, it will look cute on short nails. Have a nice day ♥

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  9. Super cute! I love that triangle nails, simple yet so creative! I like your blog sweetie because we have same interest in Korea! <3



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