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N Seoul Tower (SOUTH KOREA)

Hello everyone,
how are you doing? I was thinking a lot recently about my blog and I want to try to write not just about cosmetics. There are too many bloggers already and my little young blog doesn't stand a chance to blogging veterans. ^^; So I would like to write about some of my trips. I hope you will support me, my dear readers. ♥

N Seoul Tower is one of the main landmarks of Seoul city and also Namsan's proudest tourist attraction. Built in 1969 and costed about 2.5 million USD. Tower was for opened for public in 1980. 

N Seoul Tower is located on the top of Namsan mountain, means "South Mountain". This tower works like an observatory, restaurant and it contains also some shops.

You can have a beautiful view for free or you can pay to get a ride by elevator on the top of the tower. Adults - 9,000 KRW and Children 7,000 KRW. We stayed down (for free) and we still had a beautiful experience. :)


How to get there? 

Check the official website http://www.nseoultower.co.kr/eng/index.asp There are many opinions. You can go by bus, by cable car, by car or by Seoul City Tour bus.
We went by bus and I was excited. Traveling by bus was rare for me in Korea as my boyfriend lives next to the subway station. It was beautiful to walk to Namsan Mountain, but it was so hot and sticky as well. :/ I was slowing down my boyfriend because I am not used to do any kinds of physical activity in such a hot weather.

But a view from the way (from bus stop) to the tower is beautiful itself. Road itself has some edging of an ancient wall, shaped lights, old trees and Seoul's panorama. 


Be sure to check!

1. Be sure to check a beautiful view of Seoul.
2. Check padlock trees (I didn't take photo, sorry)
3. Souvenirs shops have great items, check them!

4. There is also beautiful history pavilion next to the tower.
5. Surprise fountain is located in front of pavilion!

6. You can eat in the restaurant. Or you can just look at the restaurants cuz I am not sure about prices :D
7. Teddy Bear Shop ♥

What should you know?

Save money: I visited N Seoul Tower once with my boyfriend. It's a beautiful romantic place. Highly recommended for a date. If you will come with your lover, you can should take a padlock and waterproof marker. You can buy it as well in shops located in the tower but they are overpriced - a lot. I think it was like 20,000 KRW for a padlock. My boyfriend wanted to get some, but instead we just sadly gazed at each other's face and left the shop with magnets (3pc) for 1,000 KRW.
Memories: Another good idea is to bring full batery camera. View is breathtaking and my mobile phone died a few minutes after arriving. :/

Timing: This place is very popular for tourists and for locals as well. Problem might be, that N Seoul Tower is too small. You might even wait to take the picture because people stay in the view point just too long. Many people are coming there after work. You should make great timing for coming if you don't want to wait. We came around 8 pm and it wasn't the best timing.



Traveling 5/5
located in Seoul, just take the bus and you can't get lost. Maybe it's not the easiest trip for people who have problems with walking. (it's on the top of mountain)
Price 5/5 it's for free, but you need to pay for the bus, of course.
Experience 5/5 It was a great trip, view was stunning ♥
Visiting again? yes, I will come back with a padlock, next time! :D

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