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Innisfree Bija Anti-Trouble Skin REVIEW

Hello, everyone!

I hope you had wonderful summer holidays. I just realized that it's already September. The new semester is here and soon, we (students and teachers) will get super busy! ^^


Recently I started with testing my samples, as I have too many of them. And I found Bija Anti-Trouble skin and lotion in a tiny cute box. I have problems with pores as most of the World's population and Bija line was promising things which stole my mind. So I bought toner/skin and also lotion! :D

"A toner made from natural Jeju torreya for treating blemished skin! 

1. The outstanding healing effects of the torreya seed oil help troubled skin. 2. Contains natural salicylic acid for exfoliation and blemish care. 3. The naturally fermented alcohol soothes skin. 4. 100% Natural essential oil: The scent of pine, juniper berries, and the forest comforts your mind and body."

Promised Effect

"Natural originated salicylic acid, natural originated alcohol presents you with a clear complexion as it exfoliates dead skin cells that cause skin trouble and removes impurities left inside pores."

Sounds good enough for now? Let's skip to my experience!


The design is not the luckiest which I ever tried. It gets bothersome sometimes to open it and get it out. But it's not that bad. However, it's possible that bottle's lid and bottle's throat will be wet from the splitting toner.

The texture of toner is water-like. It has a smell of alcohol, but more like alcohol made of mint. Smell is not bothersome, but rather refreshing.

I did see rapid improvement, even now are my pores smaller. Don't expect disappearance of your acne. This line is helping to remove blackheads and clean your face from future skin imperfection. Another important note, if you have huge pores for a longer time (many years), there is a huge chance that your pores turned into pore scars and that might be removed only by chemical peeling or other treatment.



Design 4/5 one point down for toner splitting into lid and bottle's throat.
Promised Effect 5/5 this toner/skin does work, but if you have long-time problems, like pore scars you will have to pay for a real treatment. 
Price 4/5 17 USD in the Innisfree world shop and 15,000 KRW in the Innisfree Korean shop
Buying again? 4/5 results are good. I want to buy it again. :)

디자인 : 4/5 토너 뚜껑을 뚜껑과 쪽에 쏟아서 -1
효능 효과 : 5/5 토너 효과가 좋아요. 하지만 만약에 땀구멍 흉터가 오랫동안 나아지지 않으면 치료를 받아야 되요.
가격 : 4/5 Innisfree world shop 에서 17 달러이고 Innisfree 한국 에서는 15,000원이에요.
구매? 4/5 전체적으로 좋아요. 다시 사고 싶어요 :)

I hope you liked my review, see you soon!

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  1. I love Innisfree products! But I haven't try this one yet. My favorite lines from Innisfree is the Green Tea series:)
    Maybe I should try this since you give it good review. Thanks for sharing, dear^^

    new post on my blog:

    1. I love green tea series as well! Thank you for stopping by~

      Have a nice day~

  2. Great review!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!! and my g+ for you!!!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

    1. Marcela, thank you very much ♥

      Have a nice week full of inspiration!

  3. Really interesting! Thanks for sharing :)


    1. I just came back from your blog! Thank you, Lory ~

      Have a nice day ^^

  4. sounds like a great review. I must try this too.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

    1. You have lovely trip in Shanghai! Thank you for stopping by ♥

  5. I have heard a lot about this brand but have yet to test it.

    1. Innisfree is worth of testing! Choose your series wisely ^^

  6. That is very true. The second term for our semester is starting next week and feels too soon. I love the review. I feel I need a better understanding of my skin and to understand what types f products will work for it.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog :) If you need any advice, I will always reply to comments. You have lovely latest post.

      Have a nice day and good luck with a new semester ♥

  7. I may not have large pores but I do have troublesome with my blackheads on the nose area, okay.. I think it's time for me to try this one, thanks for sharing! :)

    Anyway, from your latest comment, I didn't buy the skirt, it was hand sewn^^



    1. Thank you for stopping by~ Ah, sorry about the skirt, but I loved it ♥

      Good luck with trying this toner and have a nice day! ^^


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