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Innisfree Bija Anti-Trouble Lotion REVIEW

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I have already posted a review about the Bija Trouble Tonner/Skin. I bought it basted on the samples whose I received with my purchase. I wouldn't normally buy this item, I almost gave to someone the sample. Innisfree is a smart brand and they are packing samples containing Tonner/Skin and Lotion. Smart move! Why?
Tonner is a great item, everyone needs one. Lotions are not so popular at all. But if you try Bija Tonner and then Bija Lotion, you will get the best feeling ever and you want to buy it! :D

Promised Effect

"A moisture rich antiblemish lotion with natural Jeju torreya seed oil!

1. The outstanding healing effects of the torreya seed oil help troubled skin.
2. Contains natural salicylic acid for exfoliation and blemish care.
3. Oil-free moisturizer

4. 100% Natural essential oil: The scent of pine, juniper berries, and the forest comforts your mind and body."

"Experience bija's excellent soothing effects! 

Bija seeds are a rare ingredient that can only be used after they have survived 20 years in the wild. 

Its hardy properties gently smooth skin and enhance the skin's natural defense system."

source: http://www.innisfreeworld.com/product/productView.do?prdSeq=10080&eventSeq=0&catCd01=UA


This product is not really moisturizing for my dry desert like face. Dries after a few hours so I have to use Canola Honey Serum as a backup hydration. But works pretty nice I have to say... Helping my pores to stay clean and I think, they are smaller! hah 

But as I said before, this product line will not heal pores completely. Usually, pores are easing turning into pore scars (after years of not taking caring of them or because of other conditions) :((

Item has a light easily absorbing texture and smell is like medical natural herbal alcohol. It smells fresh and neat and leaves soothing feeling. ^^


Design: 5/5 design is not bad at all, easy access and good for storing!
Promised Effect: 4/5 honestly, I wouldn't buy the product if it wasn't for the tonner. I recommend it, if you have acne problems, it contains natural alcohol and it will help your acne and pores. But Bija Trouble toner + this lotion would be 5/5! ... unfortunately, I am rating this product itself alone.
Price 4/5 It costs 15USD in the http://www.innisfreeworld.com/ This is not the cheapest product but you have to pay for natural brands such as Innisfree.
Buying again? 4/5 only with a toner! :D

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  1. I recommend using rub-in masks for the pores! I love them and I believe they're really effective when it comes to tightening your skin. ♥ But, I enjoyed reading your review! Hope to hear from you soon!

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance

    1. Thank you, for your tip! I need to try it ♥

      Have a nice day and thank you for stopping by~

  2. Really interesting review dear :)
    Thanks for sharing :)


    1. Thank you for stopping by~

      Have a nice day! :)

  3. This sounds really good. My skin is getting so dry lately, I feel like an alligator, lol. So everything hydrating is most welcome.

    1. Lenya, if your skin is dry,try to use oil. Some oils might even help to reduce oiliness if you have some! ;)

      Have a nice day~

  4. Tonner and lotion in one sounds like the perfect combo. I like it!


    1. Definitely worth of trying :))

      Thank you for stopping by~

  5. I don't have acne but pores yes. Cant wait to try it sooner now.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

    1. Pore masks can make miracles with pores, btw~ Thank you for visiting, have a nice day~

  6. I've tried the sample size of this product. Yes, it's good for acne prone skin. But I don't buy the full size because I still love the Innisfree green tea series much more:)

    Btw, I'm following you on Gfc. Please, follow back if you don't mind:)


    1. Yes, their green tea line is great! But I just love pore fighters lines hahaha

      Thank you for visiting my blog~

      I am already following you ;)

  7. Great post! Your blog it's very interesting :)

    Do you want to follow each other? :)

  8. Nice post !
    I follow you ,follow back <3


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