Saturday, November 5, 2016

Life is Sweet: Celebrating Birthday with ETUDE HOUSE!

Happy late Halloween, my dear readers!
This post is special for me, as it's connected to my birthday, I hope you won't mind reading this. So let's get know each other better and of course, let's talk about cosmetics! :D

I had a birthday, at the beginning of the October. Gift from my boyfriend arrived perfectly on time, 2 days before my birthday! Yay! He surprised me and even was able to get me Shadow Cafe! (Cosmetic stand for makeup which I was complaining about that it's almost impossible to get it as it's sold out all the time) So why am I talking about it? With Shadow Cafe I also received a beautiful ETUDE HOUSE plastic bag and my birthday cake suddenly needed to be Sugar and Jam's themed! Haha

Bag is on the left, in the picture :)

This is how the idea of my cake was born! Thanks to my lovely boyfriend! He didn't trash the bag, cuz he knew, that I would love to keep it! 
My mom was baking the cake for me and I was working with fondant. I made sculptures and letters based on my design which was based on the EH bag. I had to wait for a day to let it dry enough to place it on the cake without any problem. It was difficult to stay patient. I wanted to see it all together on the cake! :D

I uploaded it on the Instagram and for fun and I added hashtags for "Life is sweet" event from Etude House. 7 days later, when I was really in hurry, for doctor's appointment as I was sick again, I turned on WiFi and suddenly I saw LIKE on my cake from Etude House and also a long message from them!!  My mom was standing next to me and we were dressing up. I looked at her and said: "mom. I think, I just won!"
So, what did I get? Surprisingly, I've got second Shadow Cafe, what is really funny as I could never imagine, that I could have 2 of it! And then I've got Moistful Collagen line (Dumbo edition), cream, essence and facial stick. 6 lipsticks and 6 eyeshadows, Any Cushion Cream Filter, 2 masks and brush. I think, it's quite a lot and I thought that I could get only one or 2 items. They were very generous and I appreciate it very much and I think, my love for Etude House is getting deeper and deeper (I guess it's very bad, for Etude addicted girl) :D

This post is getting very long so I won't review all 20 items here. I just wanted to let you peek at what everything that I will review in a very near future! Princesses (and some princes) enjoy rest of your day and stay positive! ^__^

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  1. So cute *_*

    1. Thank you very much, Lory ♥

      Have a nice day~

  2. So cute , I'm waiting for the review :)
    a sweet kiss
    Sara M.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! :))

      Have a nice day~

  3. Oh my how cute is that!!! And happy belated birthday, girl. I am sure you had an amazing one.

    1. Thank you so much, Lenya! Have a wonderful day ♥

  4. How cute! I really love ETUDE HOUSE ^^

    1. Waa~ Another ETUDE lover! Welcome to the club ♥ and have a nice day ^^

  5. So cool! I find everything very beautiful. Have a blessed day, kisses.

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    1. Thank you very much! Have a wonderful day as well ;)

  6. Too loving *O*

    Kiss, Hellen


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