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ETUDE HOUSE: Dear My Enamel Lips-talk

Hello, girls!

I can't believe that Christmas is almost here! I won't lie to you. I am happy because winter semester in my University is almost over! *tears in my eyes*  I can't wait for holidays as I am tired from all the homework and studying.


This lipstick is the new packaging of old-style lipsticks. Etude House recently started changing packagings of many items, currently, you can spot similar designs on their nail polishes, single eyeshadow, lipsticks and any cushions. What will be next? ^^
The design itself is very cute, but the lipstick is unstable, because of metallic decoration on the top and bottom. But that only dislikes about the design. And then it's super cute as usual. 

Promised effect

"With the hybrid of moisturizing effects and beautiful vivid colors, the Enamel Lips Talk will leave your lips dead-skin-free and smooth for a long time." Says the packing on the lipstick.


You can choose from about 20 shades, including nudes, pink, red, orange, purple and also gold! (Okay, it's just kind of gold) :D 

I own 6 shades, including a gold one. And testing was fun. I tried it during making a video. I kind of knew what to expect, as I already own one glossy lipstick from Etude House, but this is definitely an upgrade! It has a nice smell and it leaves your lips soft like a silk! But unfortunately, it's like a lip gloss and it will leave stain everywhere, but it's not as bad as I was expecting. 

BE101 Looks like an old rose. I really like this color!
BE102 This shade is more vivid and a little bit pinkish. Compared to BE101.
OR204 I want to try this one with vintage dresses.
OR205 Very bright pigmentated coral tone!
RD306 I am fan of this shade as well, wine red for parties or daily look. :)
WH901 Can I go outside with 30 layers of this? Will I look strange? I want to try :D

Video review:
(my dreams of becoming an actress are fading as I see myself in my videos, but I will try to make it good, in near future) :'D

(EN) Summary:

Design (4/5) One point down for metallic decor on the bottom of lipstick.
Promised effect (5/5) I was surprised as my lips felt like silk. I have to say, that this lipstick is offering benefits like a lip balm, it feels like a lip gloss, but it's still high pigmented lipstick! ♥
Price (5/5) Compared to other brands, it's not so bad and it was even discounted (discount finished yesterday, sorry)
Buying again? (5/5) I love the glossy superstar like a reflection on my lips! I want it again ♥

Where to buy? http://www.etudehouse.com/index.php/lips/dear-my-enamel-lips-talk-new.html

(SK) Zhrnutie

Dizajn (4/5) Jeden bod dolu za kovovú dekoráciu na spodku rúža. (Rúž je nestabilný a často padá)
Účinok (5/5)Bola som prekvapé, keď som mala pocit, že moje pery boli ako hodváb. Tento rúž ponúka ošetrenie ako balzam i keď je podobnejší lesku na pery. No avšak je to stále vysoko pigmentovaný rúž! ♥
Cena (5/5) Pri porovnaní cien zistíte, že rúž nie je až taký drahý. (Kórejské značky)
Kúpim si produkt znovu? (5/5) Odlesky na perách sú naprosto úžasne, pripomína mi to hviezdy na plagátoch! Určite by si rúž znovu kúpila ♥

Thank you for reading or thank you for watching ♥

PS: Maybe you noticed summary in Slovak, I gave up using Korean here as most of my fans on my blog are from Europe or English speakers. I am using Korean on my Instagram, where my fans are mostly Koreans. :)

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  1. Great lipsticks, beautiful colours

    1. I think they are beautiful! Every girl can choose what suits her :)

      Have a nice day~

  2. They look so nice & creamy! I love Etude House, they always have quality products!


    1. Yes, they products are always great! Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day~

  3. Great review!!!! Nice colors!!!
    Have a nice day!!! and my g+ for you!!!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

    1. Marcela, thank you for stopping by~ Have a wonderful day full of inspiration <3

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you very much! Have a nice day ♥ :)

  5. I wonder how I look like with the gold color one, but personally I love the coral one! I watched your video and I think you're awesome! So pretty <3



    1. Thank you for watching!! :) I could create a "Gold Venus" look for you, I think, gold would suit you ^^

      Have a nice day~

  6. Oh thanks for this great review I would like try the BE102


    1. It's very nice shade! :) Nice pick! Thank you for stopping by~

  7. Awesome products, thanks for sharing dear
    Great blog! I'm following you! Follow back?***

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog, followed you ^^

  8. OMG... The gold one! I think I should try that:)
    I always love Etude lips products, they always make it great in quality and packaging:) Thanks for sharing, Dear:)
    Your video is great and you are very beautiful:)


    1. Thank you very much! Yes, especially these lipsticks are like lip balms ♥ Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day~

  9. love the colors ! etude house is really a great brand so as many korean beauty brands ! love these !


    1. Yes, colors are beautiful ♥ thank you for stopping by and have a nice day~

  10. what a great post :)
    have a nice weekend!



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