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ETUDE HOUSE Play 101 Stick Color Contour Duo Review

Happy holidays everyone!

Whatever you will celebrate, enjoy it and rest well to prepare for a New Year ♥ I couldn't help it and I already opened a gift from my boyfriend and today, I will review for you a fresh item from Etude House!


There are actually 3 kinds of Color Contour Duo sticks:
1# Peach Orange & Yellow
2# Mint & Blue - mine! :)
3# Lavender & Pink

Each stick is helping you to cover ugly tones of your face. I have an official preview from Etude House (I EDITED ORIGINAL PICTURE): 


The design is very handy. 2 colors in one stick and one huge pro are the transparent lids and even if you make a mistake, you can always see the color which you want to use. 
Using is very easy. Just rotate the stick and it will come out! 


Testing on my hand went well. I was surprised how easily I could blend it! But when I tried it on my face, I realized that product is drying my skin. I think, I will have to always use it with Cream Filter - what is super hydrating cushion foundation. But I have to mention amazing softening and MATT effect! My oiliness disappeared and it kind of filled my pores. It deserves 5/5, but my Sahara skin (extremely dry skin as you never ever saw as dry skin as mine is) is removing 1 point. (Just use extra mist or cream before using it and you will be fine ^^)

Official Preview:

Pony got a chance to be a face of Play 101 Stick Color Contour Duo, what is not surprise as she was the face of Play 101 Pencils as well! Check her video how to use it ^^


Design 5/5 Design is creative, no problem with opening or anything.
Promised Effect 4/5 Matt and softening effect are great, but 1 point down for dryness.
Price 5/5 Price is not bad and now there is a discount! 3 USD down! 
Buying again? I would like to, but I want to try their new Any Cushion Color Correctors, too! :D


Dizajn 5/5 Dizajn je veľmi kreatívny, zatiaľ som nemala žiadny problém s otváraním ani nič podobné.
Účinok 4/5 Zmatňujúci efekt i zjemňujúci sú úžasné, ale 1 bod dolu za vysúšanie pleti.
Cena 5/5 Cena nie je zlá a dokonca je práve teraz na produkt zľava!
Kúpim si produkt znovu? Pravdepodobne by som si ho kúpila, ale chcem vyskúšať aj ďalšie korektory na pleť! :D

I hope you like it! Comment me, if you have ever used a color corrector, just for fun! :D
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  1. Great review

    Have a nice day! :)

  2. This sounds really cool! Thanks for sharing, I have never seen a contour stick in this shade before, so interesting. Thanks for sharing x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. It's very handy! Thank you for stopping by :)

      Enjoy the holidays~

  3. Wow I like it!!!!
    Have a good week!!! and my g+ for you!!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

    1. Thank you very much, Marcela. Enjoy the holidays~ ♥

  4. Oh you got this product already! It hasn't released in my country yet :( I really want to try the #3 Dark Out one, because my face is kinda dull :))



    1. Yes, I was lucky when they just launched it! I hope, you will make a review about that shade~

      Have a nice day :)

  5. These are SO cool!!! I love Etude House & I will definitely need to get my hand on a couple of these! They look so good!


    1. Great to hear! Thank you for stopping by~

      Have a nice day and happy New Year! :))

  6. Wow this product looks so interesting

    xx Lisa

    1. Definitely worth of trying <3

      Thank you for visiting, happy New Year! :))

  7. oh wow thats a great review. I think i should try this one too. Sounds good for my type.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

    1. Hi, thank you for stopping by, I already visited your blog! Contour stick is worth of trying, good luck ;)

  8. Hi! I'm a beginner and I think I don't need any concealer or contour but I want to try em lately. Which one should I try first? Etude house contour duo or etude house color contour duo? I'll try the other one later. I hope u will give me a suggestion. Thanks.

    1. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. About the advice, it depends on your skin type.

      Contour duo - basic contouring is best if you don't experience any skin problems. I have a big redness problem so I decided to buy Mint & Blue. But Peach Orange & Yellow looks amazing too as most of the people are having problems with dark color under their eyes area :)

      I hope this helps you, if you have more questions you can always ask me :))

      Have a nice day~



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